Wednesday, May 24, 2017

House Closing today for Root*Center*Son!

It's a sweet, solid house on 7 acres.
Gorgeous woodwork inside!
You can walk over to the General Store.
Send him good vibes for the Closing!


  1. What a lovely house! Good vibes on the way.

  2. Is that a large solar panel array I see to the left of the (very nice looking) house? Gotta run--hot date (court appearance) in the Bay Area.


  3. Interesting bit on Quartz Daily Brief this morning. What nationality represents the largest number of illegal immigrants to the US? Answer: Canadians.

    And Goldman Sachs sees asteroid mining as a trillion-dollar investment opportunity.

  4. And Huffpost points out a "really basic numbers error" in Trump's budget. Specifically, it counts the same $2 trillion is estimated new taxes due to economic growth as both offsetting revenue lost by the tax cuts and and contributing to debt reduction. Isn't anybody in the White House competent?

  5. House looks great. Love the solar array! And 7 acres is a whole lotta land!

  6. WOW! It's just been reported that the GOP candidate in the Montana special election physically assaulted a reporter.

    1. Gee--that shouldn't play well...


    2. AND! The Montana election is TOMORROW!!!

      Late Wednesday, Fox News correspondent Alicia Acuna reported that she and her crew witnessed the incident and saw Gianforte grab Jacobs "by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him."
      "To be clear, at no point did any of us who witnessed this assault see Jacobs show any form of physical aggression toward Gianforte," Acuna wrote.

    3. CNN interviewed the Sheriff and learned that the candidate had not even been interviewed by police, much less arrested. Apparently Montana law doesn't require perpetrators to come in for questioning. Instead he had his lawyer phone it in...! What the man did, though, was a crime (even by Montana standards), so we'll see what tomorrow brings. A lot will depend on how many people voted in advance and how may who weren't going to vote turn out after all!

  7. Thanks for the well wishes! The best text message I ever received was Son's "Got the keys!" 😊
    Yes, that's a solar array. It isn't enough to be all the power for the house, though, so he may buy into an array at some point. First things first: the boy needs some furniture! He's been renting a furnished apartment heretofore. He has some things in storage and needs to sift through all of that. But he also needs to pick up some good used items in a truck. Mind you, all the colleges in the area empty out this weekend, and try as he might he could not find an available truck. Mom to the rescue! It took a really long time and a heap of phone calls and waiting, but I finally found him what must be the last truck possible in the area!! πŸš› Yay! Now we get to help him schlep his stuff. Ha! We're going over to see the inside of the house tomorrow evening. Looking forward to it!! 🏑🌻🌳