Saturday, April 29, 2017

You Never Know What's Behind the Next Door


  1. Susan--reply at end of last thread; I thought that was the better place for it.--Alan


    From the end of the article:

    "The truth of the matter, and I say this with a heavy heart, because I’m a lifelong Democrat… is that Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate. The evidence shows that Hillary Clinton essentially stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders,” Kiriakou said, noting that Clinton’s own conspiracies rebounded back on her.

    “That is why Hillary Clinton lost this election, not because of any hacking scandal,” he concluded.

    1. Note the source, [Russian government TV & internet service]. They have a vested interest in denying any Russian hacking.


    2. Doesn't matter. She still lost because she wasn't wanted anyway and then she cheated the candidate people DID want. She ran a TERRIBLE campaign, tone-deaf and insular. There was so much hacking going on by multiple parties, who can tell. But even without the hacking she still would have lost because, as I've said before - she went after raising money rather than raising issues and getting votes. PLUS, what was revealed except their own emails detailing their plans and methods of cheating?

    3. I concur that Hillary and her loyalists lost this election on their own. However, I believe that DT had too many leg-ups from people with ulterior motives. We are in this mess because of greedy agendas. Only Bernie remains the candidate who is truly for the people rather than self.

  3. I was away from posting over the weekend, as Saturday was Mah*Sweetie's birthday, had family overnight, and today was VT*Grandson's birthday party. SO MUCH FUN, though exhausting! Ha! 😄👍