Tuesday, April 25, 2017

For When You're Blue


  1. A Bank Even a Socialist Could Love[Click] “The fight for public banking is gaining ground in cities and states across the country.” Sounds good to me; the Green Party nominee for California State Comptroller a couple of elections back was a strong backer.


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    1. I don't so much as have a pair of jeans.

  3. Rah Rah!
    Some people in this nation have read and value the Constitution!
    Sanctuary Cities Executive Order Blocked by Federal Judge

  4. Noticed this in The Guardian--Alan

    Regarding the rise of the robots putting jobs at risk, Walter Reuther, the US union leader after the war, was shown around a Ford plant in Cleveland in 1954. A Ford official pointed to some automatically controlled machines and asked Reuther: “How are you going to collect union dues from these guys?” Reuther replied: “How are you going to get them to buy Fords?”.

  5. This Awesome Periodic Table Shows You How to Actually Use All Those Elements!

    1. So that's what I can do with that sack of samarium I've been lugging around all these years! [grin]. Pretty good. I recall an organic chemist's periodic table, made to look three-dimensional, with the footprints and heights of the elements according to importance in organic chemistry--biggest carbon, also hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen pretty big, phosphorus, a few very small transition metals (think hemoglobin), then just tinier and tinier blocks for all the others.


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    1. Interesting indeed, although the writer is very obviously mistaken to think that Milton Friedman originated the idea. And increasing the earned income tax credit as a first step seems both byzantine and ineffective to me; it is probably also too complicated to be politically effective. Try explaining the EIC to someone--me, for instance. Financing it with an transaction tax is an attractive idea, certainly. Wealth taxes would also be attractive. One way or another, the money that is being sequestered by the upper crust needs to be recycled to save Capitalism. Thanks for the catch, Bill.