Tuesday, February 14, 2017

❤️ Sweets to the Sweet! ❤️

This is an actual box of Snowflake Chocolates, made one mile from my house!


  1. I just called all my Congress persons to lend my support for efforts to investigate the relationship between the Trump Administration and Russia. And do you know what? The person in Bernie's DC office said she would "draw a heart around it and give it to the Senator." I 💚 Vermont!

  2. Should Bernie Sanders start his own political party? VOTE:


    When I voted it was 76.7 YES; 23.3% NO

  3. Federal judge finds Muslim travel ban unconstitutional. [Click] Applies only in Virginia, uses Trump’s own words and those of his fellow travelers as inculpatory evidence.


  4. Is it time to send in the Three Stooges to straighten out the Administration, and the Keystone Kops to restore order in Congress?—Alan

    GOP Senators Want Flynn to Testify [Click]

    “I find it hard to believe Gen. Flynn would just go rogue, seems more likely someone directed him to engage Russians.” — Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), on CNN.

    Flynn Scandal Spotlight Falls on What Trump Knew and When He Knew It [Click] Democratic lawmakers demand investigation into former national security advisor's talks with Russia

    Spicer’s tale makes no sense at all—and allows speculation to run riot [Click]

    As Big as Watergate? [Click] Dan Rather

    1. Continued...

      Government by Chaos [Click] “…poor judgment, botched execution, hubris among some advisers, and a climate of fear and disorder all around…administration that begins its second month weakened and on the defensive…rudderless ship of state…”

      White House Posts Wrong Versions of Orders on Website [Click]

      Chaffetz Tells WH To Explain Mar-A-Lago's Security Measures To Committee [Click]

      GOP Back to Open Combat Over Obamacare [Click]

      ICE Head Ducks Meeting With Hispanic Dems for 'Political Cover' on Raids [Click] "ICE is too busy to meet with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus or key Democratic leaders? That just doesn't fly."

      Do Your Job: Bringing Out the Pitchforks [Click]

    2. Here [Click] is the full text of Dan Rather's Facebook post comparing the current Trump-Russia imbroglio to Watergate; I suggest reading it. What a breath of fresh air in reporting!


    3. I never understood what went on with Watergate. The Watergate break-in was known well before the election, and the American people re-elected Nixon anyway. Their choice. The only things that came out after the elections were that Nixon swore in the privacy of his own office and that, contrary to all reasonable assumption, he did NOT know about the break-in in advance. And yet, somehow everybody was up in arms. Makes no sense to me.

      As for Flynn, I have seen nothing to suggest that what he did was actually illegal. If Trump knew about it at the time, or at least was willing to condone it, that would suggest he has much closer ties to Russia than most Americans would be comfortable with. But that still doesn't rise to Watergate status.