Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday Is Kitty Day

Visit The Daily Kitten to learn about Leo DiCatrio.


  1. I might take Monday off--not sure. I seem to have come down with the flu, but thanks to the vaccination I only feel like I've been hit by a Hino truck, not a Mack. Cloudy, relatively warm, intermittent sprinkles here.


  2. I happened across this collection of stories about
    having bank accounts and credit cards hacked. [Click] I noticed some common things: smartphones, social media (and occasionally ATM’s). I wonder if that explains why I have never had such problems. No social media, no smartphone, only one ATM card linked to a very small account that I used on a trip to Canada. Our internet service provider has pretty good anti-malware protection, and we have even more on our computers. I suspect that anti-malware programs on smartphones are not very powerful.


    1. Oh, and that ATM card is not from our regular bank.--Alan