Sunday, December 04, 2016

NoDAPL Movements Wins! Army Corps of Engineers Denies Easement

The Army Corps of Engineers has told the Oceti tribe that it will halt work on the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline in order to conduct an environmental impact study, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe announced. In a statement, the tribe said it “wholeheartedly support[s]” the government’s decision, and thanked President Obama and the Justice Department. “We thank the milions of people around the globe who expressed support for our cause,” the statement reads. “We thank the thousands of people who came to the camps to support us, and the tens of thousands who donated time, talent, and money to our efforts to stand against this pipeline in the name of protecting our water.”



  1. Justice is first!

    In his FB post, Bernie said:
    I appreciate very much President Obama listening to the Native American people and millions of others who believe this pipeline should not be built. In the year 2016, we should not continue to trample on Native American sovereignty. We should not endanger the water supply of millions of people. We should not become more dependent on fossil fuel and accelerate the planetary crisis of climate change. Our job now is to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels, not to produce more greenhouse gas emissions.

  2. I'm amazed. I really didn't think Obama was going to stop it. It doesn't matter what trump does because he doesn't take office until 1/20 and the contract says that if oil isn't moving through the pipeline by 1/1 the contract is null and void. Now if somebody close to Kelcy Warren and Sheriff Kirchmeier could just give them a couple of knuckle sandwiches I'd be pleased. And when are all those murderous cops going to leave the scene?

    1. I wondered about that too, Susan. The pipeline workers need to be cleared out as well. I know some of them have been violent and threatening towards the water protectors. I wouldn't want to be the one to tell them they have to clear out.

      A larger problem is how to help pipeline construction workers and others employed throughout the fossil fuel industry transition to other jobs. That's going to be ongoing.

    2. Much concern is being expressed on VSWSR's FB page that today's announcement is a trick or a ploy to get the veterans to leave andm, when they do, business as usual will resume. Be that cynicism or as one commenter expressed it, being an experienced american, VSWSR assure us they aren't going anywhere.

      I asked but have not yet received an answer as to whether tomorrow's mass action is still on. Unless you hear specifically to the contrary, assume it is still on. After all, we have won a battle, so to speak, but the war has not ended.

  3. This article says DT can reverse the President's decision in 47 days. This may not be over.

  4. Ah, but there's also this:
    "Jan Hasselman, an Earthjustice staff attorney representing the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, said Sunday's decision would be useful in a court challenge because it cites a number of concerns first voiced by activists on the ground.
    "'It's not so simple for one government administration to simply reverse the decisions of the former one," Hasselman said. "If the incoming administration tries to undo this and jam the pipeline through despite the need for an analysis of alternatives, we will certainly be prepared to challenge that in court.'"

  5. Word on the ground just now is that drilling continues with a fine fifty thousand dollars per day. So, as the fellow from Holistic Veterans said,the battle has been won but the war continues. The veterans remain at Oceti Sakowin. Keep sending prayers and supplies for the water protectors and those protecting them.