Thursday, November 10, 2016

Need a Hug?

BTW, saw this posted and thought you might find it interesting:


  1. In my town:

    4172 eligible voters. 3331 voters voted (79.85%)

    Clinton 1991
    Trump 882
    Sanders 156
    Stein 24

    That subtotal is 3064

    There were some for Gary Johnson and some for Gloria la Riva, though I forgot to write down those totals. But there were also ballots that left the Presidential section blank, and there were at least two on which only Hillary was voted for and no one else on the whole ballot. Just because someone voted, that doesn't mean they voted for all the races on the ballot.

    Still, 841 people chose not to vote at all. (20.15%)
    Address that lack and solve future election issues.

  2. There are already people who believe their vote doesn't count. With Clinton conceding before Trump reached 270 (just moments after her campaign spokesman had said on national television that every vote counts), how can you blame them? How do you persuade them to vote?

    1. Indeed, how does one inculcate a sense of civic duty in youngsters? It must include the schools, but that is insufficient by itself. My father failed to vote but once in his life--the day my brother, his first child, was born. In those days absentee voting was at best not easy. Do we need a radical right-wing government to inspire people? [And when are we going to stop calling radicals "conservative?"]


  3. It was the Democrats' embrace of neoliberalism that won it for Trump Naomi Klein [Click] Ayup. Not news, but well put, and a good thing bears repeating.


    P.S.: Last night I set up a small recurring donation to Brand New Congress. I have a smaller one for Wikipedia.

  4. Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D) announced he will be run for Democratic National Committee chairman, Bloomberg reports.

    Said Dean: “I don’t believe in going back, but the party’s in big trouble and I have the best record of any DNC holder I think in history.”

    He said that the party “needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.”


    1. That would be wonderful! I was thinking just this afternoon that Howard was the best chair the party ever had, certainly in my lifetime. If he's elected chair, I won't change my party affiliation to Green yet a while.

    2. The symbolism of Ellison would be pretty powerful though. And he's a Bernie supporter.

    3. Bernie's supporting Keith Ellison, for understandable reasons. But I find Howard' commitment to progressive values AND the ground game highly attractive.

    4. Kinda thought the idear of the DNC chair was that they NOT be the supporter of any candidate? Wasn't that what all the screaming about DWS was about?

    5. Puddle: That's right. But supporting particular values and supporting a specific candidate are not quite the same thing. Especially in years when there are not yet candidates in the field.