Thursday, October 27, 2016



  1. Zephyr is rocking the campaign! Yeah!!

    And we knew her when! When she was Blog Master for the Dean Campaign! WOW!!!

    I feel so good about her serving in Congress!

  2. I did it, I did it, I did it!!!! I finished the Unity Candle set for the wedding. Yay!! Now I need only box it up.
    I'll post photos here in November on the Wedding Day. :-)

  3. I had planned to watch The West Wing these last two weeks, now find I can't. Too much politics already. Thinking about Foyle's War instead.

  4. THIS was interesting to me (especially in view of all the vote fraud accusations against Hill in the primaries). . . .

    Last spring, Slate’s Michelle Goldberg wrote about how surprised she was to find out that her New York neighborhood voted for Clinton when it seemed that all her neighbors were feeling the Bern. She spoke with several Hillary voters who said they had just decided to keep quiet to avoid confrontation. Imagine how it must be in Trump enclaves with people who wear “Hillary for Prison” T-shirts (or worse).