Sunday, October 23, 2016


CUBS WIN THE PENNANT First time since 1948! 
Last time they won the series was 1908.  GO CUBS!


  1. CUBS WIN PENNANT! Whoo hoo!! Cubs are First!

    Hey, to me it's all just "sportsing" ~ except that my best friend in all the world is a life-long-suffering Cubs fan. They haven't won the World Series or even taken the Pennant since before she was born. They haven't won the Pennant for 71 years and haven't won in 108 years.

    Bill~! Do you have a memory of the Cubs having won the Pennant? How old were you? Are you a big Cubs fan too? Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to all of Chicago! :-)

    To think we've seen the Red Sox and the Cubs win the Pennant in our lifetime.

    1. The Tribune gives the year as 1945. I was 9 years old and living in Arkansas. No interest in the Cubs.

      By 1948 Pine Bluff had a class C farm team of the St. Louis Browns, so it was the Browns I was following. After I came north to go to school I listened to the White Sox games to get the Browns score, and gradually found my loyalties shifting. I was a White Sox fan in 1959, when they made the World Series for the first time (and only time in the 20th century) since the Black Sox scandal of 1919. That was the year I got drafted, and I found myself trying to follow the Series during basic training. We lost.

      After I got out of the army and went back to school in southern California, I supported the new Angels. Still American League. That first year, contrary to what a columnist had written preseason, the Angels' manager did not quite win Manager of the Year for guiding the Angels to 8th place.

      When I finished school and got my first post-PhD job in Chicago, I became a White Sox fan again. That lasted until MLB turned me off by putting in inter-league play (more on that, and my feelings toward the Cubs, in a separate post). But I came back to 2005, when the Sox closed out the regular season with a 22-game win streak, then, after losing to first game of the playoffs to the Red Sox, finished with another 12-game win streak. That's still their only World Series appearance of the 21st century.

    2. Apparently many Chicagoans view the Cubs and With Sox as intense cross-town rivals. I don't. My attitude is that somebody has to win the National League pennant and I'd rather it be the Cubs than anyone else. That's why I hate inter-league play: I don't want to see the Cubs and White Sox playing in a non-exhibition game unless it's the World Series.

      To a large extent this goes back to the 1950s and the NFL. I was a strong supporter of the south-side Chicago Cardinals and hated the north-side Bears. Then the Cardinals abandoned us for St. Louis. And I was left without a team. It wasn't until I returned to Chicago a dozen years later that I was able to support the Bears. Cross-town rivalries are not to be encouraged.

  2. Here's to 108 Summers gone by:

    I'll be "Praying to heaven for hell to freeze."
    Hoping they get a 2004 outcome! :-)

  3. ‘Trump factor’ inspires Latino, Asian voters, but will they vote in local races? [Click] Snapshot of a ground game.

    Voters undeterred [Click]

    Polltracker popular vote [Click] Includes robocall polls—but nice trend.

    Polltracker electoral votes [Click]

    Huffpost pool of polls shows a different HRC trend. [Click] forecast [Click] Click buttons to the left to toggle between polls-only and polls-plus forecast

    I think we need to wait for some reputable polls using live calls including cell phones, with data collected after the third debate. They should be popping up within the next several days. I am hoping for a smashing Republican loss in the election, but I doubt I will ever again see anything even nearly as decisive as the Nixon-McGovern contest of 1972, or Reagan 1984.


  4. this is the top line from RCP--

    ABC News Tracking 10/20 - 10/22 874 LV 3.5 50 38 5 2 Clinton +12

  5. The Internals of the ABC Poll Could Be a Big Deal [Click]

    FiveThirtyEight pollster rating for ABC/WaPo poll is A+ [Click] Waiting to hear from Monmouth Poll… Marist and Quinnipiac fairly have fairly good histories too.

    This morning's polls Texas (T/C 46/43) and Florida (C/T 16/43) were from CBS News/YouGov; YouGov [538 grade "B"] is an Internet poll, CBS/NY Times [538 grade "A-"] is live caller, so who knows what the CBS/YouGov is.

    Terry McAwful screws up beyond belief. [Click]

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    Washington’s New Lock-Step March of Folly [Click] Let's hope this is unduly pessimistic...


  6. "Joe LIeberman working Florida for Clinton [Click]"

    "Have these people no sense at all?"

  7. "Terry McAwful screws up beyond belief."

    Naw, I can easily believe it.

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