Monday, October 31, 2016


We'll always love you Charles Schulz!


  1. How life on earth began [Click] A long but interesting read from Auntie Beeb.


  2. Happy Hallowe'en!! 👻

    We just got home from seeing the cutest little "Nice Bat" (VT*Grandson, age 3) and Kit Cat (VT*BabyGrand, age 13months) ever!! 🎃 Last night we got to see a pretty amazing Demon (VT*Grand, age 9) 👹

    Fun! Fun! Fun!!

  3. Okay, I'm gonna sleep tonight!!

    Princeton Election Consortium
    A first draft of electoral history. Since 2004

    As of October 31, 8:02PM EDT:
    Snapshot (157 state polls): Clinton 321, Trump 217 EV Meta-margin: Clinton +3.5%
    Clinton Nov. win probability: random drift 97%, Bayesian 99%

    1. Yes, that does sound better than it might...


  4. Fifty years ago today, I woke up, and my first thought was: If I have the baby today, I won't have to make Scotty's Halloween costume. And went into labor (he was three weeks late). Since Scott was two, it was more of a mama vanity thing than anything he longed for or desired, and I've never really felt guilty, lol!

  5. I love these sorts of Mama memories! Keep 'em coming, puddle.
    You did the right thing, as you know, because you had two children that day, not one, and the little one had the greater did YOU! XOXOXXX

  6. And! We got photos from the Grands in Maine. WHAT AMAZING OUTFITS!!! Eldest Grand dressed as Wednesday from the Addams Family. Her great big Grandpa dressed as the big guy, her Mama as the mother, her Daddy as the funny Dad, and Grandpa's S.O. as the older lady with white hair. They really looked the part!!! Our other Maine Granddaughter did her own thing. She was a Candy Robot! LOL! She had her focus!! HA! And Baby*Grandson was the cutest of them all, in a Bug costume, smiling and holding himself up by a pumpkin! Be still my heart!!! ❤️🐛💜