Sunday, October 30, 2016

Got Your Costume All Ready?


  1. Absolutely beautiful music from the latest generation of von Trapps!
    Four siblings who do the name proud.

  2. Renee and/or puddle (when you have a moment and your connection cooperates), can you take a look where we keep the keys on Blogger? There are messages about our responsibilities regarding cookies. Can you make any sense of what it's saying? I don't speak that language too well. We just need to ensure that we're in compliance. Please let me know what you discover.

  3. Replies
    1. And I submitted an entry in their caption contest: Thanks for the incentive, Donald. Proud to be an American citizen.

  4. On Halloween I'll be handing out candy dressed as a grandma. Oh......wait..........

  5. This is my 21 Halloween here. Never had a trickortreater. Took me five years to stop buying candy, lol!

  6. Sent you an email, listener.

  7. puddle, got it. Thanks. I hope to hear from Renee, still.

    We still buy candy. It's not our fault if we have to eat it all ourselves. ;-)
    This year, though, I can't eat any until after my annual physical on Tuesday.
    I probably won't eat much anyway. Keeping the sugar very low.