Monday, September 12, 2016

The Amphitheatre!

One of my first attempts at a panoramic, using my new camera...

Picture yourself seated somewhere in that semi-circle, watching a Shakespeare play, 
and as you watch the actors perform, beyond them is this view, across the little side street:


  1. Cooler than promised. Blessing.

  2. I come here tonight with the heaviest of hearts. On Sunday afternoon our grandniece was helping her three younger brothers with their lemonade stand in front of their house in NH, when their sign blew across the road. The young teen crossed the road and retrieved it, but as she crossed back over the road she was struck by a car. She went over the hood and through the windshield and had to be medivac'd (airlifted) from the scene directly to a major Boston hospital. Friends, we are waiting on news, but the bits we heard are not promising at all. Please hold Jillian and all her family in the Light. ♥ Many thanks.

    1. Aw, thank you, Bill. That was sweet to see.

      But, alas, I have reasons to suspect that they are setting up for organ donation.
      I would love to be proven wrong. I'll let you know when I know.

  3. Thanks, puddle. ♡

    You may recall that Mah*Sweetie's brother Larry died four years ago of pancreatic cancer. Jillian is his granddaughter and the eldest grandchild in all the family of all the grands. And in the generation between Larry and Jillian is Sarah (Larry's daughter, Jillian's aunt) who was diagnosed in her teens with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She is healthy and a mom now. But how much pain and grieving and sorrow and trauma can one family endure? It's just so profoundly unfair it happened to them AGAIN. And Jillian, oh, what a beautiful young woman. Utterly, utterly heartbreaking.

    I went to my Peer Group meeting today in NH and was the convenor. I was about 5 minutes away when I got the call about Jillian, which was so strange as I wasn't far from her house at that moment. It's a good thing I brought my convenor cheat sheet, because my brain was a bit in shock. The group was compassionate, and at the end when most had gone, two lovely clergy women peers came over to pray with me. As I was sitting on the floor at the time, packing up the centerpiece I'd brought, they simply sat down on the floor with me! Such tenderness, and the image of it has carried me along today.

    And if I am this affected, I cannot imagine how her immediate family is bearing it. =Heavy Sigh=

  4. Words fail.