Sunday, September 11, 2016

Monarchs! (Camden Public Library Children's Room)


  1. My apologies that I missed posting a photo of Bernie on Thursday which was his birthday...! It snuck up on me this year. Bernie is still First. Sure wish he'd started out third party.

  2. Replies
    1. Not possible. Trauma stays with you.

      Today emergency personnel of all stripes were on all four corners of a major intersection near Burlington, as I went through. They had large flags and were waving. The traffic was passing through silently, though, as if folks weren't noticing. So I rolled down my windows, beeped a couple of times and shouted "THANK-YOU!!"

  3. Traveling to NH and back today to convene an important meeting of spiritual guides. It's a stressful sort of meeting for me, so please keep me in your prayers or send vibes. I'd be most grateful.

  4. One gross of vibes on the way!

    Home, tired, from the weekend at the hospital. One more to go, then I replace it with Social Security, which has much better hours. But I will miss aspects of the work as well as the social interactions (well, some/most of them).

    Listening to my audio book cop of Patriotic Treason, a really fine biography of John Brown.

    The raisins are drying in the vineyards, but I don't see any of them bundled up yet. (They are dried on paper trays, then the trays are folded up to make "biscuits," which equalized the moisture, and then they are dumped out of the folded paper trays into bins or hoppers.) Wine grapes and table grapes are also being harvested, the former mostly by machine. Processor tomatoes also continue to be harvested. Also almonds. Cotton not for a while yet.