Tuesday, August 16, 2016

(Tues)Day Lilies :-)


  1. Cartoon of the day [Click] Well, a day late--but it is another illustration of my theory that when a social or political trend makes its way into the funny papers it is significant. There's a lot of that these days…


  2. That's a good one, Alan! We've got to keep a sense of humour, eh? :-D

  3. Looks like Trump IS changing opinions on some of his signature hates, lol! The more he talks, the better peeps are liking what he talks against, and disliking what he's talking for. . . .


  4. A couple of items from today’s political press:

    Why Hasn’t the Republican Party Collapsed? [Click] Despite the title, this is an interesting think piece about the long-term persistence, resilience and adaptability (or lack thereof) of the Republican and Democratic Parties.

    How Russia's New Defense Doctrine Is Like Fox News [Click] The data on GDP is a good deal more extreme than I had thought; this is not the Cold War era, that much is sure.


  5. Hi.

    It's hot and I am *not* a cool Cat! OOF!

  6. Root*Center*Son says it's not Global Warming, it's that DT's choices have opened fissures that steam is pouring out of as he leads his followers straight to He11. ;-)

  7. Heavy duty solid soaking rain here tonight.
    I keep thinking of the Brook Benton tune "A Rainy Night in Georgia."
    Yellow and Orange Radar overhead, and a little bit of a deep rumble just now.
    Intense rain, just like Summer rain ought to be. I am loving it!
    Our high today was a mere 76F!!