Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lilies for your Sunday


  1. Yep. Not to brag or anything (Sure!). But in 2008, Obama was only half-joking when he said maybe he should have sent Oak Parkers to Missouri rather than Indiana (which he won, even though in midsummer an Oak Park DFA member from Indiana had assured me firmly, "Indiana is not in play.") I watched the 2008 election results from a hotel room in Indianapolis with other Oak Parkers.

    Not really into phone banking. And 8 years makes a different in energy level. But I should mention that DPOP hosted both Hillary and Bernie phone banks during the primary.

  2. IMNSHO, Simon Helberg deserves an Oscar for his performance in Florence Foster Jenkins...! If you are looking for a good movie to go see, go to this one.

  3. There are too many people in this country who are voting without listening.
    We need them to listen to the elders, the ancestors, whispering wisdom to them.