Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Old Salt


  1. Yay for Bernie!

    listener--I was not paying attention and late yesterday the fountain pens I have been using at work ran out of ink, so I used a ballpoint pen--which hurt my writing hand. Lesson learned.


  2. Ah, good to know, Alan! The only ordinary pen I use is the Zebra Expandz pen!

  3. A copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child arrived on my hearth today! I'm on page 54 so far.

    1. Yikes! And I heard about it and everything! Better hotfoot it to Amazon!

  4. Via the FB page It's OK To Be Smart:

    Things you'll find in National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s State of the Climate report:
    [✓] 2015 was hottest year on record
    [✓] Ocean surface temps hit record high
    [✓] Arctic temps 8˚C above August average
    [✓] Sea levels at record highs
    [✓] Arctic sea ice hit 37-year low
    [✓] 36th consecutive year of global glacier loss
    [✓] Deadly heatwaves and extensive drought
    [✓] Food shortages
    [✓] Confused walruses
    [✓] Deadly ancient anthrax released from thawing permafrost
    [ ] Good news
    [✓] Climate change playing out before our eyes

  5. Anonymous8/03/2016 02:42:00 AM

    Getting back to the quotation in my opening post to this thread, what if, within her echo chamber/bubble, surrounded by sycophants and loyal retainers, HRC has come to believe that Comey said her answers were truthful? Then the untruth wouldn't be a lie. I fear that she is isolated from the outside world and unable to distinguish what she has come to believe from the truth--which is the definition of psychosis. In that respect she would be another Dubya. Not good. Very not good.

    Yes, Alan, from what I've been reading, it certainly seems she is totally cocooned. An incident I read about encapsulates this nicely. When she was at State, she wanted for some reason to make a button for her Russian opposite number. (Don't remember why, or what it was meant to say.) But rather than asking the Russian experts to handle it, she had one of her personal innermost circle do it...and, the phrase she intended was mistranslated. The article did not say what the button she gave the Russian foreign minister actually said. One hopes it was nothing worse than "I am a jelly doughnut." But I can't help thinking about such a stupid, needless blunder, and that the secretary of state of the United States was a laughing stock in Moscow. And who knows who he told about the gaff!

    It may seem like a small thing, but to my mind it is emblematic. She would rather have one of her inner circle do something she (or occasionally he) is not qualified to do over entrusting the job to a qualified outsider. That could end up being very dangerous indeed.

    1. Sounds rather like W giving jobs to his buddies.


  6. All this business about Trump is good for a malicious laugh; but, the fact is, Trump is Clinton's best friend. if he bails (or is bushed) out of the campaign, she'll all of a sudden lose all that lovely Republican support she's been cultivating. It will evaporate like a fart in a hurricane.* She will, God forbid, have to start not only paying attention to but actually cultivating the left wing of her own party. Poor Hillary! What a drag! Twenty-five hundred dollar a plate dinners are so much more enjoyable than dealing with peaceniks and tree huggers and Civil Rights campaigners and such riffraff.

    And something else her supporters who love to laugh at Trump fail to take into consideration (because for them it doesn't exist) is the fact that, with Trump out of the picture, all of a sudden Clinton's crimes and misdemeanors, real and perceived, will become front and center. And they won't like hearing St. Hillary trashed. Because she will be. I doubt even the Clintons have a firm enough hold on the mainstream media to prevent that. Trump will be laughing then! And us, of course. *smirk*

    *If memory serves, which it may not, I lifted this homespun metaphor from the character of Freeport, ME police chief BVob Arnold in Sarah Graves' Home Repair Is Homicide series.

    1. Cat--I am reminded of the movie "Day Without a Mexican."