Sunday, July 31, 2016

Farewell, July!


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    1. Dean is shocked and disappointed by the DNC's inappropriate behavior under DWS. What does that make you angry at him?

    2. Because we ALL could see the irregularities, the biased-debate schedule, the radically reduced debate schedule, the debates held on nights right before holidays or when big sporting events were on. We saw the purging of massive numbers of voters, the voters given the wrong ballot, the shutting of multiple polling places resulting in much longer lines for those how could get to the remaining polls. Because Bernie WON Vermont by 86% and Howard STILL reserved his Superdelegate for for Hillary "for the good of the country" as if only Howard knows what the good of the country actually IS.

      Because Howard Dean who once declared himself "a Democrat from the Democratic Wing of the Party" has gone over to the 1%, lobbying for healthcare providers, or insurance (forget which) and has joined the ranks (the *closed* ranks) of the Oligarchy.

      Because both Howard Dean and Harry Reid have now come forward making "shocked faces" and are so surprised that Bernie Sanders was blocked and voters were denied their voice and their participation in democracy when BOTH Howard and Harry could see it happening just as we did, and Harry even TOOK PART in blocking Bernie. NOW they pretend to be surprised, sorry and shocked? Disgusting, both of them AND the whole DNC.

      Well, you asked.

    3. Well stated, Susan. While I am glad Howard said this (at last), it seems too little too late. If he still voted for Hillary, as a superdelegate, then it comes across as grandstanding, covering himself to look good when the chips are down. But, as a past DNC chair, it's still good that he said this.

  2. Listener, thanks so much for coming into the fray on my FB thread. Your comments were calm and eloquent while clearly explaining our anger. I really appreciated the support!

    Rajnar Vajra is a good guy. He affirmed that he is a Bernie supporter, who is following Bernie's urging to support HRC. I can understand that. BTW Karen and Denise as well as my friend Jay also liked the post. Donno if any of them will weigh in on the thread.

    Anyway,I really appreciate your support.

  3. Home from weekend at the hospital, and soon to bed--must be in Okland tomorrow morning to cover for my boss in court--he being in court in another county on Monday. I will be too tired to drive, and Miyoko has back/leg problems (showing some improvement with doctors' care) stemming from a relatively minor fall on May 15th, so she can't help driving. A clerk from the lab will drive me. He's a strong young guy who might be able to drive all the way, but I will offer to help some. Miyoko will pack lunch for us, and he will get 54 cents per mile for use of his car--about $200. Only two more months before I quit the hospital job and have every weekend, every night, and every holiday off, I think for the first time in my working lifetime. I truly look forward to it.

    The tomato harvest is well under way--lots of tomato trucks on the roads, and some others that must be tree fruit--probably peaches or nectarines, but one can't see from ground level. The cotton has been blooming for about three weeks, and both corn and alfalfa (both mostly for silage) are growing very well. Corn varies from maybe one foot to eight or ten feet in height, depending on when it was planted. It is amazing how fast the new nut orchards grow with drip irrigation (which also enables very precise control of fertilization). Well, that's enough for now.

    Take care, all.