Monday, August 29, 2016

Flowers for Remembrance


  1. Cool, dry weather sure would be first tonight.

    They said we'd have 70s this week.
    Does that really have to begin with the middle of the night?! 74F at 1:30am makes for lousy sleeping weather! Did I mention the humidity is 81% with a dew point of 67? :-p

  2. 'Nother hot one here. Wanting winter. Waiting for winter.

  3. The humidity is awful. We have rainstorms. They cool the air a little, but they pump more moisture into the air and increase the humidity. Going outside is like being tightly wrapped in a hot moist blanket. Ugh.

    1. Remember, everyone, when it's both hot and humid you need more water and other fluids than usual.

  4. It happened!!!! The heat broke and it actually was in the 70s today, and a bit windy, and the humidity dropped!! It's AMAZING!!! I actually got some gardens weeded today, while VT*Grand recreated her Fairy House. AND!!!!
    She found two Monarch caterpillars on the wild Milkweed we left growing in the flower garden, and they were right next to her Fairy House! We are so excited!!! We have them in jars with Milkweed leaves to eat (changed daily) and cheesecloth over the opening. One is likely to make its chrysalis in the next day or so and the other by the weekend. VT*Grand is taking one home. :-)