Tuesday, August 30, 2016



  1. Hi! Working over the weekend, very tired when I got home. Better now (Tuesday evening). On the drive out to work Saturday morning I saw that the grape harvest is in progress, but early on. They have been harvesting wine grapes for a week or two, are now harvesting table grapes, and have the ground readied for raisins. The tomato harvest continues, cotton is blooming, I saw one garlic truck, and the first almond trucks. In the newspaper today there was an interesting article about a new almond growing & harvesting system [Click]. The farmers are using ever more mechanization because of the ever greater shortage of workers. The Legislature has passed a farm workers' overtime bill, [Click] but whether the Governor will sign it is not known.

    Cat-- I saw your link to the version of "Amazing Grace;" that moved me to go looking for the Sacred Harp version [Click]. Which led me to more Sacred Harp music. And gave me an idea. I had been thinking that I will miss working as a medical laboratory technologist--small wonder, after forty-one years. And I will need to get out and cultivate contacts with people as I reduce my work schedule, for my psychological well-being. And Sacred Harp [Click] looks like a participatory activity with a lot to recommend it. Unlike other common forms of choral music, it is for the participants, not for an audience, and formal musical education is not a prerequisite. I discovered that there is a small Sacred Harp group affiliated with the local Folklore Society, and it meets (mostly) every other Saturday.



    1. Alan ~~ Since I know you enjoy science fiction, can I recommend science fiction conventions? If you'd like I can look up conventions in California. And the World Science Fiction Convention, no less, will be in San Jose two years from now.

  2. Hallo from my crazy busy life!

    In 24 hours I will be asleep and about to begin an extra long weekend vacation. I may actually be coherent when I return! :-)

    Thinking of you all, and hoping all's well. Miss you!!!