Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer begins at 6:34 PM EDT today!


  1. The first post is up from Coats Island! Written by Wildlife*Biologist*PhD*Son

  2. I tried to call Bernie HQ today (802) 862-1505, but their voicemail is full. So I sent an email. (Alan, I inadvertently posted his Senate office number before. Sorry.)

    What I wanna know is whether Bernie plans to share his donor list with the Clinton campaign. I doubt he would choose to do that. So the other question I asked is whether the DNC could simply take his donor list. I do NOT want my information shared with the Clinton campaign. I'll let you know what I hear.

    1. Actually, I don't care if they have my information. I'd actually enjoy telling them "No. I won't vote for Hillary." and "No. I won't donate to Hillary."

    2. I hear you, Susan, and I appreciate that. But, in my case, Bernie Sanders and Peter Welch are the only political people who happen to have my cell phone number. I sure don't want that shared with just everybody, because one of the main reasons I killed my land line was political calls!!!

    3. While I would greatly prefer that my info not be shared with the Clinton campaign I would, like Susan, take great pleasure in telling them I am not voting for her, I am not donating to her and would they kindly remove me from their calling and mailing lists.

    4. Bernie doesn't have my phone number. Not sure who does. And Hillary has had my email address from the beginning. Maybe from when I gave her a bit in 2008 to help clean up her campaign debts.
      I suspect that Bernie's list is greatly over-hyped. Those of us who have been contributing regularly for a while are on dozens of other lists already. And those whose contributes to Bernie are their first will probably not contribute to Clinton unless she reaches out to them by doing something like choosing Warren as her running mate. (Don't know what pundits mean by "donations drying up" in that event.)

  3. At my house, sunset and moonrise will be concurrent. To see when the moon will rise at your house:

  4. Nice astronomical coincidence, listener! Thanks for the heads-up!

    Wall Street donors seek to block Warren VP pick [Click]
    “If Clinton chooses the Massachusetts senator as her running mate, donations will dry up, fundraisers warn.”

    But Wall Street and the trusts don’t have HRC on a leash, oh no!

    Physically demanding weekend at the hospital, but I had a very rewarding experience; I encountered and recognized something I had not seen before in forty years’ work as a generalist medical technologist, although I recalled reading about it in a textbook long ago. The ER doctor thanked me very nicely the next morning after it was confirmed by a specialist at the area children’s hospital, and a child turned out to have a manageable (albeit rare) problem rather than an almost certainly lethal disorder. Possibly the child was also spared inappropriate treatment as well. That’s the sort of thing a person can live off of for a very long time (psychologically speaking). And it speaks well of my teachers.

    Responses to weekend posts this evening, maybe.


    1. Oh, how beautifully wonderful, Alan…! Speaking as Ally's great aunt, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sparing that child and family unnecessary fear, heartache and treatments! Yes, yes, one can live off of that for a really long time indeed. And so can that child. Absolutely wonderful. It speaks well of your teachers, but even moreso for your keen memory and deductive reasoning skills!

    2. Alan, as the "owner" of a rare disease (Achalasia) which usually spends about five years being treated as something else (GERD) while the real disease progresses and close to being fatal before it's caught, want to say that catching the right diagnosis early is no small thing at all. Tis HUGE! Thank you you!!

    3. Alan, that's tremendous! Well done!

    4. Alan, that deserves a giant ATTABOY!

  5. NPR and WAPO agree. 4 pieces of gun legislation will be voted on tonight and all 4 will fail. We desperately need a new Congress.

  6. I wish I could copy the entire text of the email I just got from Americans for Democratic Action. It begins by reviewing what Bernie said Thursday night about carrying the movement forward. And then, specifically in that context, announces its plans and urges everyone to:
    Take the Pillars of Progress (POP) Pledge
    A revolution doesn’t happen overnight, we all must work to ignite the dormant power of the American people through to this year and beyond. ADA needs all who share our vision and commitment to a political revolution to join us in the effort - inside and outside of Washington. That means you!

    The POP Pledge
    I pledge to stand together with Berners and other progressives across the country to ensure that our dream of a political revolution is realized. I will work with ADA and others to enact the following Pillars of Progress:
    • End to corporate dominance of our government;
    • End to inequity of wealth and income;
    • End to the war on drugs;
    • End of the cycle of endless war;
    • End to College Debt;
    • End to the lack of job opportunities;
    • End to outrageous healthcare costs;
    • End to voter suppression!

    YAY!! I've just signed up for a monthly contribution to ADA.