Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rugosa Rose


  1. How weird is that? I came here and saw the title but no photo! All fixed.

    And Bernie is still my choice!!

  2. Gee--you just beat me to firsties, but not Bernie!

    Hacker Leaks Secret DNC Master Files on Hillary Clinton & Foundation [Click]
    “It doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee, so I’m not going to determine the scope of the convention. I’ve given a few speeches in my life. It would be nice to speak at the Democratic National Convention. If for whatever reason they don’t want me to speak, then whatever.”
    — Sen. Bernie Sanders, quoted by the Washington Post.

    Is it just me, or does this sound like “It’s your funeral?”

    Re note on previous thread about the last nuclear power plant in California being slated for closure, one huge factor (dating from Gov. Brown’s first terms about forty years ago) was decoupling power companies’ profits from their electrical production, so they could make more money at regulated rates by selling less electricity (encouraging energy efficiency). That prevented the construction of several nuclear power plants by aligning incentives with objectives. I remember know-it-alls saying Californians would freeze in the dark, but it didn’t work out that way at all. Our economy has continued to grow, and our per capita energy consumption is considerably lower than the rest of the country.

    1. Yes, Alan, it sounds to me like "It's your funeral." All I can say is, right on, Bernie!

  3. I hear Brent Scocroft and various other unnamed military brass and nationsal security types have publicly come out for HRC. All well and good. I did not point out to Mum that if Trump and the Repubs part company and the Repubs draft someone reasonably normal, all this support will dry up. She'd had a hard afternoon with a confrontational and generally unpleasant GP and I didn't want to upset her, since she seemed calm again. No doubt the possibilities will occur to her when she is rested and can attend to them.

    It's all very fluid. If this, then that, but on the other hand if that, then something else.

    The Common Dreams article Listener linked to last thread was interesting. Coincidentally, today for the first time this campaign cycle I heard mention of the Libertarian Party and its candidate. Couldn't catch what the discussion was about, and did not hear mention of Stein. But the mere fact that parties other than the Reps and Dems are being mentioned at all is interesting.

    1. I have been hearing a fair amount about the Libertarian party as a refuge for Republicans who can't abide Trump. The idea is that their candidate -- IIRC, a former New Mexico governor named Johnson -- would look like a reasonable alternative to conservatives who can't stand Trump.

      The headline in a HuffPost article today said that Hillary's margin shrinks in a four party race. She beats Trump by 5 points had-to-head but only 42% to 38% when voters are also offered Johnson and Stein as alternatives. I hate to tell ignorant headline writers, but that change is well within the margin of error.

    2. Incidentally, that HuffPost article also reported that 22% of those surveyed were still undecided, and a third of them indicated a willingness to consider once of the minor parties.

  4. I don't get "It's your funeral" out of that. I get sadness. Bernie seemed sad when he spoke last week, and I am very sad as I read this. :-(

    =Heaviest SIGH=

    1. Maybe you are right, listener. But losing the enthusiasm and the supporters that could come from treating Bernie well will do the institutional Democratic Party a lot of harm, I think. If Bernie were given a prominent place at the convention, it would be good for the Party--but that doesn't mean the Clintonistas can see that. Hmmm....I find myself thinking of a parody of The Red Flag, the anthem of the UK Labour Party...let me see if I can recall the relevant lines...

      "The cloth cap and the woolen scarf,
      Are images outdated;
      For we are the Party's avant garde,
      And we are educated.

      So raise the rolled umbrella high,
      The college scarf, the old school tie;
      And just to show that we're sincere,
      We'll sing The Red Flag once a year."

      Good--my mind's not yet gone completely to rot.


      P.S.: On the way home I found myself thinking of how to deal with fundraising letters from the Dems, should I receive any. Of course I will send back their postage-paid envelope to cost them a bit of money. And what to put into it? Maybe just a nice photo of Bernie. I could go on quite a rant, I could stuff the letter with junk mail to increase the postage due, but simpler should be better. Hmmmm....Maybe three small photos: One of Bernie noted as First Choice; Jill Stein as Second Choice, and HRC with a big black X through it? Well, there's plenty of time to figure it out, and it's quite possible they won't hit me up anyway.

  5. Here's the video of the full hour of CSPAN's interview with Bernie:

    I haven't had chance to watch it yet. Hopefully tomorrow.