Monday, June 13, 2016

Pull up a chair...


  1. Bernie is first!

    Meant to share this yesterday, but I got a trifle distracted.

    From Facebook:
    Jay Werkheiser
    June 11 at 1:40pm ·

    I see a lot of my liberal friends warning Bernie supporters that if they vote third party they give the presidency to Trump. I see some conservative friends issuing similar warnings that defecting puts Hillary in the White House. It occurs to me that, with both parties giving us terrible candidates, now is the PERFECT time to vote third party. Yeah, I know, too many people will toe the line, swallow their revulsion, and vote D or R anyway, so we'll almost definitely have a president that no one really wants. But if both parties see something like 20% of their votes going off to Bernie or Green or Libertarian, they may just be smart enough to realize that they better get their act together, because next time the other party just might offer us a reasonable candidate.


  2. Been thinking about what you guys said about Hillary not divorcing Bill over his infidelities. It may be that they had purely self serving reasons to stay together. It could be that they are fond of each other despite it all. Isaac Asimov said in The Gods Themselves "Love is more than sex."They also had a young daughter. Can you imagine what a divorce as public as theirs would have done to Chelsea?

    It also may be that Hillary said "Get your things, we're leaving" to which Chelsea replied,"You can go anywhere you want. I'm staying with Daddy. He needs me."

    I know such a conversation is possible because it happened in my life. About eighteen months to two years after my mother married my dad there was some quarrel or fight or other, I don't know about what. Mum did indeed say we were leaving, and I did indeed give the little speech quoted above. Surprised the hell out of my mother, I can tell you! And this was a seven or eight year old child talking about a stepfather of two years' or less vintage as opposed to the mother she had known her whole life. How much more strongly might a twelve or thirteen year old feel about her own biological father?

    Yes, they may have stayed together for crass reasons of personal advantage. But they may very well have stayed together because they both love their daughter.

    1. Point well taken, and very humane, Cat. But naming Bill Assitant Consul, or, heck, even Ambassador, to Upper Volta (heck, even to Czechoslovakia!) would seem like a much better idea than making him her chief economic advisor.


    2. Your Dad had not done what Bill Clinton did. Bill and Hillary can stay together all they want. Just not in the White House. That man is a sexual deviant who preys on women (repeatedly), and used the power of his office over them (even in the Oval Office). He should be barred from setting foot in the place, let alone living in it again. What does it say to my daughter and granddaughters that a man can do that and completely get away with it?

  3. Via

    How Trump’s Former Rivals Capitulated [Click] Follow the link to the full article for more; it is truly pathetic. I am sitting here shaking my head about John McCain. Going to battle under the banner of the Whipped Rooster is not likely to end well.

    And another item, related to campaigning schedule changes resulting from the Orlando rampage:

    “Joe Biden canceled his trip to Miami for a fundraiser to help DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.”

    I think that the day of Biden’s appearance should be a good time to send Tim Canova a little extra love.


  4. Why is ANYONE helping out DWS? I'll help her….to find the door.

  5. Wow, I'm kind of seething lately, aren't I? That's why I had to stop posting about anything political on my FB page. Ha!

    1. You certainly have lots of company in the seething room!

  6. Ahhhh, but wait until you see tomorrow's blog page here. I'm excited about it. :-)

  7. From
    ... Bernie Sanders picked up another superdelegate over the weekend.

    Jean Lemire Dahlman, a Montana Democratic National Committeewoman, plans to support Sanders as a superdelegate at the Democratic National Convention this summer in Philadelphia, both the Sanders campaign and Montana Democratic Party confirmed on Monday.

    Dahlman had been waiting until Montana's June 7 primary to pick a candidate. Sanders defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 51 percent to 44 percent in the Montana primary.
    Dahlman is the only one of six Montana superdelegates to back a candidate. The others, including Gov. Steve Bullock and Sen. Jon Tester, have opted to stay neutral...

    Sanders has argued that the more delegates and superdelegates he gets going forward, the stronger his hand at the convention.
    "What we have got to determine between now and the Democratic convention, and by the way Chuck, we're going to have well over 1,900 delegates at that convention, is what kind of platform and what kind of agenda there will be if Secretary Clinton gets elected, if she wins the election," Sanders said during an interview with Meet the Press's Chuck Todd on Sunday.