Friday, June 17, 2016

Last of the Bleeding Heart


  1. Bernie is first.

    I agree with Bill and Alan; it's much easier to start with an existing structure,however unsatisfactory, and revise and rework than to start from scratch.

    I also think, theoretically, Bernie could be elected on a write-in, but everything would have to go off without a hitch, and you can rely on the HRC camp to make damned sure that didn't happen.

  2. Susan--I should expect that I would not like Kasich as President, but just tossed the name out as an example of someone who checks a few boxes: executive experience, national favorable/unfavorable polls not in the second basement (at the moment), and ran in the primaries, for instance.

    I favor the proposition that Trump will realize he is sure to be a loser if he accepts the GOP nomination, and will dump the GOP rather than the other way around, ranting all the while about what a bunch of losers they are and how they haven't given him the respect or cooperation he deserves.


  3. LIVE POLL: Would you still support Bernie is he chooses to run-on the Green Party ticket. (So far it's 96% yes.)

    1. I voted in the poll. The article overall seemed quite anti-Bernie.

  4. Cat, forgot to say what a pretty kitty you have. I like her markings.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, Susan! I meant to comment on the Nickie Kitty thread that she looks quite stately, like she could rule the roost if she chose. :-)

  5. From the old in-box:

    Dear Alan,
    We wanted to send you a short note this evening letting you know our movement has achieved an important victory against the establishment — Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been, effectively, sidelined as the leader of the Democratic National Committee.
    This news has been slowly breaking all week, but now, new and experienced staff are being brought in to clean up the mess she has made over the last five years. Now that Wasserman Schultz has been “freed up” from the DNC, she will have time to campaign hard to try to keep her House seat. But she will also have one less excuse not to accept Tim Canova’s challenge to a series of debates.
    We’ve long been calling for Wasserman Schultz to leave the DNC — with more than 100,000 people signing a petition demanding she resign — and we can all sleep a little better tonight knowing that our opponent is no longer running the Democratic Party into the ground.
    Contribute $15 to Canova 2016 and help us replace Wasserman Schultz in Congress with a true progressive leader. Your contributions have made all the difference in this campaign so far. Can we count on you to step up and help grow our campaign this evening?
    Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end of Wasserman Schultz’s power within the Democratic Party. If so, this victory was achieved only through the collective and unflinching efforts of our growing grassroots movement. Together we shined a light on her disastrous record at the DNC.
    And we’re not finished yet — not until we remove Wasserman Schultz and replace her with a member of Congress who will fight for working Americans and progressive values. Meanwhile, Tim Canova will keep pressing her for debates and pressing her on the issues.
    In solidarity,
    Team Canova