Monday, May 02, 2016

Let the Sun Shine in!


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    1. So glad you're feeling peppy, puddle!

      A week ago I caught VT*Grand's cold and spent two days pretty miserable. Then I spent three days determined to get better, so I could go to Baby*Grandson's baptism. I've felt well ever since, even full of energy, but I'm still really blowing my nose and sometimes coughing. Stuff wants to hang on this year.

      Everyone made it to the baptism except for Youngest and his tribe. VT*Grandson got the flu over the weekend when they were halfway there. :-( Now his Mama has it. Daddy got it last week. Baby*Granddaughter is okay so far, but then she's still nursing.

      I love it when people are healthy and full power!!

  2. The flu season seems to be lingering. We're still having some cases out here, too. I remain incredulous about how fast and easy it is to specifically identify influenza these days.

    I think I shall be able to cut, squeeze, trim and otherwise improve that rough draft letter to the editor I posted here last night, then off it goes. Last night I sent off a rebuttal to an anti-Bernie letter at that had some of the same material.