Thursday, May 05, 2016

And it's Ally's Mama's Birthday! :-D


  1. Ally and her parents can be first today; Howard and Bernie will surely not object. Ally chose well.

    Why would a Republican or Republican leaner change registration to vote for Bernie in California?

    1) Trump doesn't need the vote, so it can be used strategically.

    2) Lots of time left to re-register as a Democrat or independent (and change afterward).

    3) Easy to change (can do quickly online).

    4) Hates HRC. With a purple passion.

    5) Bernie has crossover appeal--he's saying some of the same things Trump is with respect to jobs etc.

    6) Another opportunity to stick a finger in the eye of the political elite/establishment.

    7) Can still vote for Republicans in all non-presidential contests because of California's new jungle primary system.

    8) Thinks Bernie would be easier to defeat in the general election.

    P.S.: I just watched the video of Bernie's post-Indiana win speech (on his web site, natch). WOOT! Rallies up and down the state of California! (I don't see that either of the largest venues in Fresno is booked, but hope springs eternal. Work schedule permitting, I would go to my first political rally for Bernie--with my yet to be made rally sign saying "Geezer for Bernie" on one side and "Bernie Sanders & Raul Grijalva" on the other--yellow letters on black background.)


  2. This just dropped into my e-mail box their records are not quite up to date.--Alan

    Dear Alan,

    The political and media establishment seem to think that this race is over. But last night's victory in Indiana showed that the voters had a different idea about that – and Californians will get to have their say on June 7th.

    To vote for Bernie in California, you must be registered to vote as a Democrat (or "no party preference" and request a Democratic ballot). However, our records currently indicate that you may be registered with some other party.

    Updating your voter registration is simple – all it takes is a few minutes online. The deadline for changing your party affiliation is May 23rd.

    If you are already registered to vote as a Democrat or no party preference, please let us know you plan on voting for Bernie.

    Make no mistake about it – we're in this race through the Democratic convention. Together, we'll build a powerful movement for Bernie in California. Thank you for standing with us!

    In solidarity,

    Team Bernie

    1. Thank you, Alan, for the Ally and Parents firsties! :-)

      I love that Bernie is still in it to win it! Yeah!!

  3. Beastly cold here today. Hard rain just before dawn, river well over bridge now, and loud. To bed at 5:30 in aid of finishing Brideshead. Funny, I got reinterested in Brideshead because the actors in Jewel commentaries were raving about it. They were right.

    They used huge chunks of Waugh's directly into the narration, so in many ways one can hear the voice of the book. Necessary and wise I think.

    And this:

    The rains and flooding prevented Nancy (my uproad neighbor) from bringing home the mountain's newest member--a Labradoodle named Meg.

    1. Sending sweet hopes Nancyward that she gets to fetch Meg very soon! Do you think Meg and Beau will meet and get along?

      Thanks for the Brideshead recommendation!

      Stay snug!!

    2. I kind of doubt it--Sam doesn't come down the hill at all. So if Meg's as good. . . . Beau's not fond of other dogs in his world, though he's mostly a gentleman about it. Suspect he had some food issues from his lost time.

  4. I just heard from National Nurse Teri that Rachel Maddow is interviewing Bernie tomorrow in Vermont, 9pm ET/6pm PT. So interesting! I was at Bernie HQ briefly today and overheard; "Actually, I don't think we need to schedule an entire hour just for an interview." I wonder if it was related! :-) I was there today to get the Bernie buttons I'd promised Cat, plus I brought the staff and interns a box of chocolate fudge from Snowflake Chocolates. I wanted to bake them cookies or something, but ran out of time. Next time! :-)

  5. "FBI officials overseeing the probe now expect to complete their work in the next few weeks and then turn over the findings to the Justice Department, which will make a final decision on whether to bring charges against anyone."