Saturday, April 16, 2016

Who said it: Bernie Sanders or Pope Francis?

listener missed 3 out of 10.   See how you fare…


  1. Bernie! Bernie!! Bernie!!!

    Cat, here is what Bernie said at the debate about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Historic. See what you think.

  2. Oops! Comments on the last thread.

  3. Hi—pardon my absence. FOUR days out of county for three court cases, very tired. Recuperating now, social obligations this morning and early afternoon. Found the following interesting stories online. Must admit I googled “panama papers” + clinton, with no fresh revelations. —Alan

    How the GOP Made Obama One of America’s Most Powerful Presidents [Click]

    The Mystery of the Two Hillarys [Click]>In the Big Apple, Political Fortunes Can Change in a New York Minute [Click]

  4. Wow—quite a story about Rash Limburger and Clear Channel you found, puddle—thanks! Other interesting links too, everyone; will have to read up on Brooklyn debate, but now must get dressed etc. and on the way to social obligations. I notice that I am making far more typos than usual—a certain sign of fatigue. —Alan

  5. Saw this on Facebook:

    Robert Reich

    The inestimable Nate Silvers says Hillary Clinton is winning in states that look like the Democratic Party, suggesting Bernie isn’t (see article, below). True? A friend of mine who’s both a political junkie and a numbers wonk just sent me this analysis:

    Silvers’s analaysis is totally wrong. First, look at the 26 states plus D.C. that Obama carried in 2012 (332 electoral votes): 16 of these have already held primaries or caucuses. Clinton has won 7 of these, representing 103 electoral votes -- and has been awarded 449 delegates to Sanders's 322 in these states. Sanders has won 9 of these contests, representing 72 electoral votes, and has been awarded 337 delegates to Clinton's 213.

    So, to date, the total delegate count in the states Obama carried in 2012: Clinton 662, Sanders 659. It’s a virtual tie.

    Clinton’s biggest gains have been in Red States that are the Republican base, which will go Republican in November (Clinton so far has 633 delegates and Sanders has 415 in these states, with most of the contests and delegate selection over.)

  6. Welcome back, Alan!! I was thinking we might need to send a sheriff west from WVA! Ha!