Sunday, April 10, 2016

A closer look...


  1. wOOt!

    Upon closer inspection:

    Bernie won again!!! :-D

    Shall we all meet here on Thursday evening during the debate?

  2. I never watch any of the debates. Can't stand the tension. So, how many is it that Hillary has lost in a row? 8? 9? How come nobody is calling for her to stand aside?

    1. I think Bernie has won 8 of the last 9, Susan. Cool, huh? Nobody is calling for her to stand aside because they are still in shock. There is a yuge discrepancy in their everyday presumptions. :-D

    2. I disagree. They are not in shock because Bernie's wins mean nothing. HRC is the inevitable nominee. If Bernie won all fifty-six primaries and caucuses that would not change the fact and I mean *fact* that HRC is the inevitable nominee. You can't be shocked by what happens in the real world if you are totally and completely disconnected from the real world, as HRC and her faction are.

  3. I think the debates are interesting, but don't think they actually mean anything. I thought in '84, when Reagan went totally off the trolley line that that SHOULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE. But it didn't. Since, I don't worry about them much.

  4. Hi guys. I'd like to tell you I've been doing wild and exciting things and that's why I've not been here... Come to think of it, I *could* tell you I've been doing wild and exciting things, if I had enough imagination to concoct any. But, alas, my powers of invention fall far short.

    I have been reading, or rather rereading though. Finished The Caves of Steel, the Naked Sun and The Robots of Dawnand, being unable to remember the title of Asimov's fourth robot novel, have switched to his The Currents of Space, which is a favorite. Not really doing a whole lot else. Have a quiz under submission at Fun Trivia and am trying to finish another, but quiz writing has become somewhat difficult. Can't get myself together to work on my songwriting, video making or even copying music from CDs and LPs to the computer. I don't think the problem is depression so much as simply being tired, despite getting what would seem to be sufficient sleep. *shrug* I suppose it will eventually all get done. It always does. I'd like to have more energy and enthusiasm though.

    It doesn't help that the weather has been cold and, a few days, snowy. It might be nice if Spring actually arrived sometime soon.

  5. I'm back from Odyssey Con. My friend Jason and I stayed at the house of another friend who lives in Madison. Nice in some ways, quite aside from the money we saved, but John hung around the party longer than I would have, which meant we got back to the con the next day several hours after panels had started. I missed several panels I wanted to see, although I did see several interesting ones. When Jason and I go back next year we'll be getting a hotel room as we usually do.

    Looks like Bernie didn't win Wyoming by as much as I'd hoped, given that it was a caucus state. Still, picked up a few delegates and bragging rights.

    One of the articles posted in the past couple of days plays up New York a bit too much, I think. It's not really true that Bernie *must win.* He MUST at least keep it close. Winning would be a real feather in his cap and would set him up well for Super East the following Tuesday. But that's not the same as saying he absolutely must win.