Monday, April 04, 2016



  1. Howard gave us the power that gave us Bernie!

  2. So, there's another minister in the south who has come out in support of Bernie Sanders! He has taken a very creative approach to explaining his reasoning. Have a look:

  3. Whooo, am I tired! I spent yet another day pawing through box after box of collected papers and things and sorting, tossing and binning! One more big push tomorrow and the room will be cleared out enough to have the ceiling painted on Thursday and to paint the walls ourselves this weekend. Yeah!! :-)

  4. Same here, listener. I meant to get farther along with our tax returns, but got stuck with some complicated stuff and decided to knock off for the evening. Not as clear-headed as I should like. Between yesterday and day before yesterday we got a good bit of heavy-duty gardening done, and did some light stuff today, and I am tuckered out. We cut back some very badly overgrown vines (both ours and our neighbors') on the fence, pulled down a fair amount that had grown into the trees, fixed up a free-standing trellis and trained our vines onto it. Filled two big wheeled garbage cans with cuttings (smashed in with a sledge hammer) and still have a good-sized pile, but the fence and flower beds are clean. Also pruned back some trees growing over the fence. Murdered some aphids on the chrysanthemums and the roses. Tuesday is the last day of my mini-vacation, and if I don't finish the tax returns I should at least come close enough to finish with time to spare.

    That second minister was a good read too, listener--if less powerful than the previous one.

    I see that in March Bernie raised about fifteen megabucks more than HRC--despite all the trips she had to make to hobnob with the Gotrocks. (That expression must really date me...)

    The NYT published a story [Click] that is rather disheartening if true, but smells like a typical NYT distortion meant to dishearten Sanders supporters and embolden HRC supporters. Fingers crossed for Wisconsin!

    Miyoko has been using Flonase nasal spray for allergies at the suggestion of her doctor, and it definitely seems helpful. It is OTC, but not cheap. About $14-$18 for a bottle that will last a month. But I discovered that a generic version is to be had at KMart for $3.00 and free home delivery with at $10/year membership. The catch is that it must be prescribed! They have a list of ten [Click] common prescription medicines for $3.00 a pop. We sent in a request to the doctor to send KMart a prescription for the medicine. I found the information at, which looks a sight better than some of the other prescription medicine price finders.


    1. Not sure why that NYT story is discouraging. It's all about the past. We know what the situation is today, and are prepared to deal with it. Of course the story talks about Clinton's "almost insurmountable" lead, but we're used to that too. I never see them give any actual numbers that don't invoke superdelegates.