Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Come and get em while you can! ;-)


  1. On an altogether different note, and to work:

    New Research on Shakespeare's Will [Click]


  2. Thinking of "Sanders campaign planning for contested convention, I am reminded of a quotation:

    “It was the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life.”
    --Arthur Wellesley

    --Alan (who is feeling a little lonesome here today)

    1. Hi, Alan. I'm taking a short break from Facebook. I opined that Hillary voters are voting for her out of fear, fear of losing, fear of Republicans and fear of change. Some female who'd been bashing the hell out of Bernie took it as an insult. Sucks to be her. I had a man here to fix the door latch on the storm doors this afternoon. Poor guy has been working for 47 years and doesn't think he'll get to retire until he's 95. His wife has Alzeimers,(sp) so he drops her off at a Senior Living Center while he's at work. I guess I have that kind of face that people want to talk to me. Which is why I don't go out among people much.

    2. That is certainly not as it should be in a decent society, Susan. I think Bernie is the current presidential candidate who has a sense of decency, of humanity. I see that some smart-ass reporters are gloating over asking him policy questions that he couldn't answer well; but dealing with that sort of thing is what advisors are for. I am reminded of one of my favorite stories, King Solomon and the Bees [Click]. (This version is a bit different from the one I remember, but the moral is the same--no one, not even the wisest, knows everything--nor needs to.)


    3. I am reminded of Mr. Block:

      Poor Block he died one evening, I'm very glad to state
      He climbed the golden ladder up to the pearly gate
      He said, "Oh Mister Peter, one thing I'd like to tell
      I'd like to meet the Astorbilts and John D Rockerfell!"
      Old Pete said, "Is that so? You'll meet them down below!"


  3. With about 45% of Wisconsin precincts reporting, it is about 55% for Bernie and 45% for HRC—and Bernie seems to be adding to the lead a bit.

    And here are a few items from the political press:

    Interesting statistics re marijuana and opioids [Click]

    How Can Sanders Win It All? It's The Passion, Stupid [Click]

    In Blow to Big Pharma, Treasury Cracks Down on Corporate Tax Dodgers [Click]

    The Panama Papers Could Hand Bernie Sanders the Keys to the White House [Click]

  4. Headlines:

    Sanders blows by Clinton in Wisconsin

    Cruz wallops Trump


  5. I'm back from the Parade Committee meeting and also watching the returns. Bernie is up to 56% now, beating my goal and close to what the NYT said he needed to avoid increasing the percentage he would need in later elections.

    I see Bernie is getting almost 60% of the vote in Rusk County. Significant only because that is where Penny and I used to have a vacation shack.

  6. Huzzah, Bernie!!!! wOOt!!!!

    Sorry to leave you holding down the fort (quite well, I might add!) today, Alan. But I *did* sort every last box in the Sonroom! Whoooo! The painter comes Thursday, and I have a lot of work and meetings and errands and more tomorrow. I'm not going to think about the jam-packed walk-in closet that will be Phase Two of the clear-out. Ha! Getting the room itself in order is accomplishment enough for the moment. :-)

    That, and Bernie's excellent victory tonight!!

    Catreona! I have NOT forgotten about getting a Bernie button or two for you! I had planned to go there last week then learned the painter I'd hoped to hire for May could ONLY paint the ceiling on April 7th! Yikes!! We'll paint the walls this weekend and hopefully I can make to Bernie HQ in the coming week. Don't give up!

  7. It's looking good for Bernie, all right; the county maps at talkingpointsmemo.com show only a few counties--four or five--with HRC in the lead, and I think all but one are very slow to report, so they could yet go for Bernie. Congratulations on pre-painting work, listener. I must get back to tax returns now--have to figure out what we paid in state income taxes last year, which was a huge and distressing mess. (I think they credited us with far more income than we actually had--probably thought I had cashed out my 401k when the administrator was changed.) Finally got things straightened out with the Board of Equalization (they collect use taxes=a sort of sales tax) over a screw-up by the Franchise Tax Board (the income tax people). Well, the time comes when one must take the bull by the tail and look it straight in the eye...


  8. Been going through Indian Summers (times 2 to date). What a mess. The Brits were no angels, but hard to forget that half of India's population (sp. our 47%) is Untouchables, and has been for thousands of years. . . . And they treated the Untouchables a good deal worse than the Brits ever treated them. . . .