Saturday, April 23, 2016

The snow is almost gone from the Mountain!


  1. I would really love to try to climb that mountain. "Try" is the operative word.

  2. Trying is now pretty much beyond my sphere, Susan. But I've done my share, so I'll let it rest there.

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  4. Two great threads! Such good posts, thoughts and links!! I tried to write as much at the end of the last thread, on Saturday afternoon, but my iPhone won't let me post until I can remember my password again. Argh.

    Anyway, I've been swamped with VT*Grand here for four days and three nights, but it went very well ~ our best visit ever, truly!! And her parents were so deeply grateful, as they had a wake and funeral to attend. Then Eldest had to fly out to Colorado for a TawKwonDo event, while Daughter-in-Law got to spend a day hiking with her Dad. This is significant because just last Saturday her Dad was hiking with his cousin (who's also his best friend), when said cousin had a heart attack and died. I may have mentioned this saying they were biking (?) but Mah*Sweetie had heard "Biking" when our son said they'd been "Hiking." They were at the top of a mountain in NH when it happened!! Her Dad had to RUN DOWN THE MOUNTAIN for help. The cousin was resuscitated in the ambulance but died before they got to the hospital. So sad. He was only 65. So I was quite willing to take care of VT*Grand (age 8) while they dealt with the pain and sorrow. VT*Grand was given the option of going, but decided not to. I am so glad I could take the edge off this time for all of them. I'm exhausted tonight, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

    Plus today we got to go to Older Grandson's 3rd Birthday party! WHAT FUN!!! He has a new swing set and I got to push him on the swing for something like an hour, while he invited all the adults at the party to come swing on the other swing. It was so sweet. He call out, "Mama, your turn!" or "Uncle, your turn!" etc., so each of us got a chance to have one-to-one time with him while he said things like, "I'm flying! Tweet, tweet!" :-D There is nothing so refreshing as the heart of a young child!