Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bernie's annotation of a speech by Pope Francis...

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Bernie Sanders: I annotated 


  1. Go, Bernie! No problem, I will be voting for you in California.

    All day in Oakland for court today (Tuesday), all day in San Diego Wednesday. Gotta sleep fast. No aches or pains from having my car smooshed Monday, and it is safe to drive--took it to Oakland and back today--about 3.5 hours each way.

  2. Yesterday I saw a couple things about purged voter rolls in NYC, as well as people's names being changed from one major party registration to the other, not only in NYC. This certainly sounds like the sort of thing Pres. Carter investigates in other countries. Unfortunately, even if he could investigate it here, the investigation would come too late to help us.

    We need a strategy for the eventuality Bernie doesn't make it. I am not going to vote for HRC. Not voting at all doesn't appeal to me. There's always the Green Party and I need to check out the Peace and Freedom Party. But my personal first choice is to write in Bernie. Voting absentee of course I have the opportunity to do that. What do the rest of you think?

    1. I guess I'll have to wait to see if Hillary *actually* gets the nom or if Bernie somehow manages to pull it off. Definitely not voting for HRC. I can either vote Jill Stein, Green Party, or write-in Bernie. I think the Democratic Party is in for a big, a very big surprise. I think that they were under the impression that if they sabotaged Bernie and the voting process they would leave us with no choice but Hillary. However, if we let them do that we'll never have another election where we pick our candidate rather than have one imposed on us by the Party. I sincerely believe Hillary would be defeated in the General. I will still vote for down-ballot Democrats in the hopes of getting a Congress that will actually do what they're paid to do .... their jobs.

    2. Every state periodically purges the rolls of people who no longer live at their registered address. Doesn't always work perfectly, as I saw when I was poll-watching in DuPage County a decade ago. Whether it was handled properly in NYC isn't yet clear from what I've read so far.

      I've only heard about party-switching in Arizona. No recent updates about how it happened, but I'm suspecting malicious hackers trying to prove the system was vulnerable. Last I heard was that an effort will be made to count all provisional ballots.

    3. It's going to be at least next week before we know who the Democratic nominee is going to be. And I kicked in an extra C-note to make sure the date gets to June 7.

      I intend to vote for the Democratic candidate no matter what. And while I have no doubt Bernie would be the stronger candidate, I think either of our contenders could handily defeat Trump and probably Cruz as well.

    4. Well, Susan, we need to get together on the same page, not just you and me but all those (or as many as humanly possible) who won't vote for HRC. It is useless having that vote splintered. Writing in Bernie is by far the best protest of an HRC nomination IMO. Can you please try floating that idear in your circles and I'll try floating it in mine.

      We have to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

    5. Cat ~~ In the one instance cited, it appears that the voter herself inadvertently switched her party affiliation. And the election official claims that is true of every case examined.

      That said, I am firmly of the opinion that the New York system is far too complicated. In fact, all primaries should be open, as those in Illinois are.

  3. According to Massachusetts For Bernie:

    Bernie did better in NY State than PRESIDENT Obama did in 2008: .... Obama: 40.3% ..... Bernie: 42.4%

    He also won at least 90 percent of the counties in New York.

  4. Purging voter rolls in a Presidential Election year should be illegal! I speak as an Election Official, knowing that voter turnout is greatest when there is a Presidential Election ensuing, and that a large increase in confusion created by a purge is predictable. It would make much more sense to do the purge in a year that does not include large races. Why on Earth would any sane person choose to purge in such a year?! Oh wait, let me guess...

  5. Alan, I am so pleased to hear that you and your car are faring well. =Whew!=

    Much more to say, but I dare not this late, as VT*Grand is here until Saturday, so I must close and sleep. More when I can.