Monday, February 15, 2016

Grandbaby's Grammie Quilt


  1. So very fine! Some of us have the power to make marvelous quilts, and all of us have the power to bring about social change.

    Over the weekend I helped a coworker to register to vote so she could vote for Bernie—she a first-time voter in her early thirties (I estimate), a member of an ethnic group HRC assumes will automatically vote for her. Internet registration is easy in California, if you have a California driver’s license (you can use the reproduction of your signature that is on your driver’s license).

    Exhausted from a challenging weekend on the job, and very grateful for a day off. Kicking back and perusing the news while taking care of a computer job that requires only intermittent attention. Here are some gleanings:

    Sri Srinivasan [Click] looks like
    a very good choice [Click] for Supreme Court justice.

    Clinton Attempts to Downplay Nevada Backfire [Click] The link to Jon Ralston at the end is worthwhile, as is, naturally, the first link (to Politico). This certainly helps to explain Harry Reid’s statement last week that a brokered convention would be fun.

    What Is Happening In American Politics? [Click] Rebellion! Pitchforks! Torches! Wheeeee! I do like the “oblivious elite” line (particularly because the column is from the Wall Street Journal).


    1. Back from the 4-day science fiction convention that ended yesterday. I heard an interesting idea floated in the aftermath of the announcement about Justice Scalia: If the Republicans are serious about having his replacement named by President Sanders rather than President Obama, Barak Obama could be a very good choice for the seat.

    2. If matters continue apace, I dare say a few of the GOP senators might prove rather apprehensive about taking that chance!


  2. Listener, the detail on that lighthouse is incredible. Hope you didn't go crosseyed in the process!

  3. Does anyone understand what happened at the Republican debate?

    Watching presidential campaign “debates” is not my cuppa, but this review is quite striking!


  4. I appreciate what Liane posted about Antonin Scalia's death:

    I generally refrain from speaking ill of the dead, so I'll just share Scalia's own words, and people can draw their own conclusions: "Mere factual innocence is no reason not to carry out a death sentence properly reached."

  5. A few more notes…

    Nevada Republicans Could Vote in Democratic Caucus
    [Click] If they should, I'd give odds it would be for Bernie.
    Sen. Bernie Sanders has spent twice as much on Nevada television ads as rival Hillary Clinton, the Las Vegas Review Journal reports.

    Record Turnout Expected in South Carolina
    February 15, 2016By Taegan Goddard46 Comments
    “More Americans are paying close attention to the 2016 presidential race than during the past two presidential campaigns, new research shows, triggering a record voter turnout that’s also expected in South Carolina,” theCharleston Post and Courier reports.
    “The data shows the availability of social media was bringing more young adults into the process as well. Social media was the primary source for 18- to 29-year-olds, while cable news dominated all other age groups.”
    Ahead of Primary, Fast-Food Workers in South Carolina To Strike, March on GOP Debate
    [Click] Fifty-three percent of state’s workers paid less than $15/hour; First-time voters to call on candidates to come get their votes

  6. Lovely, lovely family treasure there, listener! Three cheers for Grammie!

  7. Thanks for the sweet comments!

    Thanks for the links, too, Alan. You are really on a roll lately!

    I'm super sleepy and will go turn in. Was awake most of the night with a stomach bug or bad response to the food where we ate out. Mostly better but need to rest.