Thursday, February 18, 2016

Can we Bear another election?

The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory has a Bernie Bear.  Turns out they also have a Hillary Bear.  
But what's really amazing is that they have a bear for each of the candidates of all stripes.  
I couldn't bear to take a photo of the others, though.  Heh.


  1. All bears is good bears!

    I once made a boyfriend a 6'6" stuffed bear for his birthday. Fifteen years later, when I met his kids, I was introduced as the one who'd made Al Bear. They'd grown up with him as boon companion, and were totally wowed. Never had that much street creds, lol!

    1. That's a pretty sweet story about the great big bear you made! How did you make it, and what did you stuff it with? :-)

    2. Puddle, it's very nice to know that the bear survived your breakup and went on to be a cherished member of your former boyfriends family.

  2. NOTE: We are collecting thirty second videos from people from around the country who support Bernie! Do you know someone who will make a video? We will play them during the pop up! Email your Bernie endorsement video to Have fun with these!

  3. In Burlington Vermont:

    ONE Arts and ArtsRiot is thrilled to invite you to a Bernie Pop-Up Art Auction. Join us for a pre-auction art social, art auction to be followed by a Bernie Party!

    Art will be auctioned to the individuals who donates the most to the Bernie campaign on the spot. The entire auction is a direct donation to the campaign! And all proceeds of the door will be donated to the campaign!

    If you are interested in submitting artwork contact Or call Mellisa at area code518 town code649 number6464.....Let's get together, get excited, and #FeeltheBern!!

  4. I'm not able to watch tonight's MSNBC debate because only people who have it on cable can see it. Any reviews would be appreciated.

  5. Al Bear was pretty much human shaped, with pretty long long leg, mitten hands, and kind of floppy ears for a bear. A remnant of tan faux fur, a hug bag of pillow stuffing (ripped up foam).

    When I drove him to Baltimore on gift day, he was in the passenger seat, with seat belt on. I may have caused an accident or two, so many travelers were doing double takes.

    For years (until the babies) he was just an occupier of chairs. Different hats, sweaters, jackets, scarves, reading books or magazines, or with a glass of wine on the side table.