Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!


  1. Howard's most first this warm rainy Christmas morning!

  2. Frosty morning here, lots of blue sky interspersed with small puffy white clouds and no wind. The turkey might be ready to come out of the oven in about another hour. A day for sheer laziness; slept in until 0700. Somewhat surprised there were not more department store advertisements in today's newspaper for sales tomorrow. I could use some ordinary trousers, so will look for them tomorrow, then set to work. My to-do list has been updated. Hmmmm....maybe watch a movie tonight?


  3. The newspaper predicted yesterday and today would be in the 60s. We may have flirted with the 60s on Wednesday, but yesterday and today only reached the 40s. Lower 40s at that.

    Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!