Sunday, December 20, 2015

Last Sunday in Advent


  1. Oh man. So sorry I dropped this day. We got a call on Saturday asking us to host our family gathering on Sunday as Son and DIL felt overwhelmed. So we had to kick our prep up a few notches and I forgot to post the Sunday thread. Monday will begin on time at least!

    And all the while, Dean was still First.

  2. Nooooo problem, listener.

    Relatively very easy weekend at the hospital; maybe rain and Xmas preparations kept people away.

    Thinking of the DNC campaign computer follies, it occurs to me to wonder if other campaigns might in future rent the DNC software (if there is not a better alternative) and use Amazon servers.

    A million dollars donated to Bernie immediately after the story broke should make an impression the DNC, but I wouldn't bet on it.

    Well, soon to bed. My mentation is slow for lack of sleep.


    1. IIRC, this same software is used by all the Democratic state parties except (as of 2014?) Illinois.