Monday, November 02, 2015

The Feast of All Souls

Snowing in the Graveyard


  1. Howard is first on this beautiful Indian summer day.

  2. This was a banner yardwork day! First I got high up on a ladder, while home alone, and painted some house trim. It had to be done because roofers are coming tomorrow to put a new roof onto our garage, and we had just taken down a rotting board and put up a new board…plus, with the stupid time change, it is now dark when Mah*Sweetie gets home. Next, I pruned all the bushes in the yard that needed it (6) and cut the suckers from the base of a few trees, then moved all the sticks to the pile headed for recycling. After that, I found a bunch of Bittersweet growing along the back fence, and it will need to be carefully removed, as it's highly invasive. Sigh. It sure is pretty, though.

  3. Saturday and Sunday were our days for gardening etc.; today (Monday) we had light rain through a good part of the day, and the temperature dropped quite a bit. Not being familiar with Bittersweet, I looked it up in Wikipedia, and found the colloquial name can apply to three plants (all pretty): A vine in the nightshade family, Solanum dulcamara; some species of vines in the genus Celastrus, including American bittersweet (C. scandens) and Oriental bittersweet (C. orbiculatus). A little while ago I saw (over the Internet) Bernie's TV ad for NH and Iowa; it looks pretty good to me.


    1. I'm pretty sure what we have is the terribly invasive Oriental version, which was introduced here in the Northeast in 1879. I'll post a photo of it later next week (it's all set to post).
      "Celastrus orbiculatus was introduced into North America in 1879,[4] and is considered to be an invasive species in eastern North America. It closely resembles the native North American species, Celastrus scandens, with which it will readily hybridize." ~ Wikipedia