Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Snow on the Mountain


  1. Ironically enough, there is no snow on Mount Mansfield today. That was from October 18th. We are having a banner week of blue skies, sunshine, and 60's! Amazing for November!! :pinch, pinch:

  2. Well, here's a good moment:

    Because the roofers are working at my house this week, I have had to move tomorrow's spiritual guidance meeting from my living room to another location. All it took was one call to Sue, the office administrator for the Lutheran Church and the UCC Church in town (she is a member at the UCC Church). Sue is also the daughter of Barbara, with whom I used to work at Hopkins Bookshop many years ago. She comes to the Library, as well, so I know her home schooling daughters a little too.

    Sue was happy to offer me space at Good Shepherd Lutheran (which is about a mile from our house). She told me where to find the key outside and suggested that we lock ourselves in for privacy sake. She said to go ahead and use the space heater if needed, and to close the door to the room so it will heat up fast. The whole time she was telling me this I was marveling at the trust I am given! How different than the lack of trust for use of space I have encountered in the Episcopal Church, even when I was a postulant for holy orders and thus extremely well known!

    And I know it isn't even related to Sue knowing me, because several years ago, before I met Sue, I called the UCC Church to ask if I could come by and sit in the nave for prayer during the time of a friend's funeral service, since I could not travel to it. She simply told me where to find the key AND went over and turned on the heat for me ahead of time…heated up the whole nave so that I could pray!! This is what the communion of saints looks like on this side of forever…!

  3. I'm feeling a bit annoyed. I had my annual physical last Thursday morning, at which they took two vials of blood to do a bunch of tests, to have a baseline because I turned 60. My doc said they'd likely have the test results Friday but added, "Give me 'til Monday?" I said "Sure." Well, here it is Wednesday night, and I've called three times, and still no results! Now that I've mentioned it out loud, I'll probably get the results tomorrow. I just hope they're worth waiting for! Ha!

  4. Still barely Wednesday here; I just finished up a formal opinion that the attorney needs for court tomorrow. I expect justice will be done, although that is currently open to question.

    The storm that come through Sunday/Monday gave us some rain (record for the date, they say, maybe around half an inch) and dropped some snow in the mountains.

    I finally found a capital "C" that I like and which should be easy to write--on the California license plate, of all places! That pretty much takes care of all the capital letters. The fellow who wrote the penmanship course I purchased says quite emphatically that before practicing one must have a clear picture of the letters in one's mind. That makes sense.

    Our cat seems to be rallying, probably because of the semi-liquid prescription food we are giving her with a syringe; but we have our doubts that she will truly recover. We will see.

    And now to bed. (After giving the kitty her eye medicine.)