Wednesday, October 07, 2015



  1. Wage-slave Deaniac here; got off work about 10:15. Too late. Removed a dead possum from the swimming pool (maybe it was trying to eat persimmons and fell in), and checked/inflated the tires on both cars. (The warning light came on on the new, fancy car--but nothing below about 25 psi. I pumped them up to 35 psi, which is a bit more than the folks at the garage do, but I like it better.

    I was reflecting on the Presidential contest; more than one talking head has likened Bernie to Trump, both being non-establishment types. But it occurs to me that Trump and HRC have similarities, too--both are celebrities. HRC isn't really a politician--and that puts her at a significant disadvantage with respect to Bernie, who is a skilled practical politician. That skill was hard-earned.

    BTW, the house in the photo might have been transported from (or photographed in) my hometown or nearby; a lot of Down-easters settled there in the 19th Century, the area being not unlike home for them. Dungeness crab and abalone instead of lobsters, though. Some movies set in New England have been filmed there.

    I am practicing using, and holding, a fountain pen at work. Tomorrow I will take two--a finer one (Platinum Preppy 03) for regular copy paper, and a wetter one (Pilot Varsity) for cardstock--the finer one writes on the cardstock, but puts down a very fine line; I'd prefer darker.



    1. YOU were never wayward, Alan! :-D

      That house is one I'd wanted to photograph all Summer, and finally snagged a photo of recently. It's not the best photo, but not bad from a moving vehicle (there is no place good for stopping, there). Amazing flowers which also run all along the sides of the house (and I assume out back as well! Ha!).

      On the run today...

  2. listener--one can't be sure from the photo, but those flowers/plants look like fibrous begonias.

    I used the Pilot Petit1 pen for part of my work at the lab today, and realized I was getting substantial ink stains on my hand, around the base of my little finger. I figured out that when I use the same hand to operate a calculator or various other tasks without putting the pen down (because I will be wanting to write with it almost immediately), I turn it back, and the Petit1 is so short that the back of the nib lays up against that part of my hand. The Preppy is longer, so doesn't do that.