Tuesday, October 06, 2015



  1. Wayward Deaniacs, please check in!

    1. OK. That work deadline I've been dealing with is at last completely, totally, and absolutely past. The announced deadline was this past Wednesday, but somehow small things kept coming up. (It was never spelled out, but I suspect Wednesday was the deadline for internal review and yesterday the deadline for submission to the government. And the things I was asked to do in the meantime didn't call for internal review.) Something else has come up before I start on the next big project in a couple of weeks, but no real deadline pressure. And IIRC we'll have plenty of time for the next project, unlike what we've been facing for the past 11 months.

      Meanwhile I've been catching up on all the things I haven't had time for. Notably getting the parade committee's books in order and preparing the budget for the coming fiscal year. That's almost done. The absolute deadline would have been tonight's Board of Directors meeting, but that has been postponed due to the death of another director's mother-in-law.

      Still things to do. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a new uninterrupted power supply for my computer because the current one didn't in fact keep the computer running when the power was briefly interrupted (probably the battery had gone bad). I'll probably get that installed today or tomorrow. And then I want to get my office straightened up and lots of little things. Not to mention a lot of reading to do.

      But the pressure is pretty much off.

    2. It is good to hear that deadlines are behind you (nearly) and there's now some breathing space to tend to other aspects of life, Bill. I envy you the time to straighten up your office, though I am not wishing away the hours I am spending on making a baby quilt by hand. :-)