Saturday, September 12, 2015

Singer Treadle Sewing Machine, Tiffany design, parlor cabinet

   Isn't she beautiful?   I call her Comfort, after Louis Comfort Tiffany.   But her nickname is Blossom.


  1. Howard would be most first this cool wet fall day!

    listener, that is an unspeakably lovely machine! Enjoy!!

  2. Thanks, puddle! I feel a little thrill every time I think about it! :-)

  3. Alan! My goodness, that's terrible news about the smoke!! I imagine it is causing respiratory issues for a lot of people. How are you and your wife coping with it?

    When Daughter was young she had a pen pal in France. The difference in her friend's cursive was interesting, especially as regards the capitals. Both had names beginning with "J", and the difference in the letters was interesting. If you like, I could write some out, take a photo and post it.

    Alas, DIL got a call today that one of her tests came back hinting of pre-eclampsia. So she has to go to the hospital tomorrow for more tests. There is a possibility that they'll allow her one more week, then insist on a cesarean. Sigh.