Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Crabapples in all their Glory


  1. Eight p.m. and still nobody has mentioned that Howard is first. I guess everybody must be as busy as I am.

  2. It seems everyone is having a busy week here!

    My day included sitting with a seeker who came for spiritual guidance, receiving a request from the Shalem Institute (my alma mater) to record a reflection I wrote and getting it sent to them (and learning how to do this in the first place!), sewing on the grand baby quilt, making dinner for us, plus making dinner for Son, DIL and Grandson to bring to them tomorrow, then watching a movie with Mah*Sweetie and Root*Center*Son. Must get to sleep soon as I will be taking car of Grandson tomorrow for a few hours before having a ramble with Jo*in*VT.