Saturday, August 29, 2015



  1. As ever, Howard is first.

    Listener, seems to me modern TVs have the capability to be connected to a computer, much like a monitor, precisely to allow use of he Internet with them. Investigate your TV's user manual. But if you have a good quality, moderate to large monitor and a decent sound system on the computer, that would work just as well. I often watch DVDs on the computer.

  2. Starbucks is wonderful and really comforting. I'm terribly unsettled today- donno why - and a nice cup of Starbucks really helped. Just the aroma makes me feel calmer and more content.

    Can't remember if I mentioned it here, but the other day Sally Kitty was all pooped out, lying down on the end of the kitchen table (Yes, I know, it's probably disgusting, but we let them roam wherever they please, even on the table). Dad had made me a cup of Starbucks and as soon as he put it down on the table, even before he poured the milk, Sally's head came up, alert and interested. She came over to sniff sniff. I had to tell her kitties don't drink Starbucks and she seemed very disappointed.

  3. Busy day today (but not work). In the afternoon the chicago-sf group discussed Paul McAuley's The Quiet War. Hard SF, with much of the science being biology. Complex politics both on Earth and in the outer solar system. Outstanding descriptions of things I would never have imagined. (What would a city on Saturn's moon Dione look like?) People from both the pro-war and the peace-and-reconciliation factions give good philosophical justifications for their respective positions. My only real disappointment is that it turns out not to be stand-alone. (The sequel is out.)

    Then this evening the Disability Pride Parade had its celebratory dinner. Most people had pizza, which is what Lou Malnati's is famous for, but I don't consider pizza particularly celebratory so I I had pasta with chicken in a cream sauce. Pretty good, and always nice to celebrate a year of accomplishment.