Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Monday


  1. Howard'd be most foist on this fine warm Munday!!

    Green things up and thriving in the garden: the Surprise Lilies up about a foot; Daylilies, about 8 inches. Life likes warm and light. . . .

  2. Beautiful day here today, warm and sunny. The grass is vividly green and everywhere I look there's the delicate mist of buds. Loverly! My understanding is that tomorrow will be much like today, then back to cool if not chilly temps. *sigh*

    My twentieth quiz went online today. Earned a badge (and a level) for twenty quizzes. That was a surprise. With the possible exception of the one on the hero of Bleak House, my quizzes are definitely lightweight. This latest one is pretty brainy though. Please take a gander. I'm very proud of it. Required Reading (Click) BTW it is under Sci-Tech/Quantum and Orbital Mechanics. Ahem.

    1. Catreona4/20/2014 11:34:00 PM

      Alan, you might be right that not all your messages are getting through. I only found one from you though in the past two or three days you have mentioned two separate messages. No idear what's going on. The message that came through is about the Bradley watch. Maybe I didn't search correctly? Will try again Monday.
      Anonymous4/22/2014 01:14:00 AM

      Yes, that's the subject. I will re-send the most recent one, which is sufficient.