Saturday, July 20, 2013


Today I'll leave our annual Family Reunion early and arrive a little late to our 40th Class Reunion.
Gonna be an interesting and emotional day.  {{{ {{ { Please send me good vibes! } }} }}}

First one in the city
Wearin' all those grass stained jeans
Nothing is forgotten, everyone is pleased.
Someone got his hair cut
The girls have lots to say
His friends had felt more comfortable
With it worn the other way
And I don't know if I'll see you again.
Next one at the old house
Snow is on the ground
Photographs and wine are passed around.
Someone toasts an absent friend
Another takes his seat.
They gather round the dying fire
But the circle's not complete
And I don't know if I'll see you again.
Last one by the highway
Wind blows through thin smiles.
Someone made a wrong turn
Missed a joke by miles.
Someone got her hair cut
A tear is in her eye
But no one even comments
 Except to say 'goodbye'
And I don't know if I'll see you again.
~ Carly Simon, Eddie Kramer, Billy Mernit
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Listen to the song here:
(Scroll down a wee bit and click on the second selection "Reunions.")


  1. Howard Dean is the best reason for a Reunion!

  2. ACED my blood test on Monday! Got the results Friday: HDL up to 46, LDL down 19 points, so ratio is now 48. No more threat of Statin drugs!! Hurrah!!

    Lots more was tested too...a CBC, including liver function and so on. All came back normal with the lone exception of a fasting glucose of 114mg/%. At first I was concerned, but when I checked the numbers I saw that this places me at mid-range of pre-diabetes...which where I've been for years! So that's nothing new. My nutritionist says it's possible that I just tend high normally. We're going to discuss it soon. Anyway, I'm a very happy camper!!!

  3. We still haven't finished cleanup from the ceiling collapse, but things are much better.

    In the middle of the cleanup, when I was away from the computer, YouTube sent a message that one of

    my videos was in violation of copyright and needed to be deleted. Since I was not able to comply in time

    and since this was my third strike, they deleted my account.

    It took a little while for the shock to wear off, but I established a new channel and spent last weekend

    re-uploading videos. The new channel is doing well. Six subscribers already and 993 views at last count a

    few minutes ago. Perhaps it won't take too long to build back up to 266 subscribers and some 480,000

    views... All the lovely comments and all the "Likes" gone though.

    I've been trying not to dwell on it, but the deletion of my channel really upset me. And the more that it was

    totally unnecessary. If the message had come in any other week... If I had taken time out to check my

    mail... Totally senseless. But, that's how it goes. No point getting my blood pressure elevated over it.

    1. Yes, unfortunately, that's how it goes sometimes.

  4. This week has been pretty much a waste, what with the heat. My stomach seems always to be upset and my thinking is much fuzzier than usual. Than Heaven I don't have a job to go to! I'll be very glad when the heat wave breaks. Actually, it was supposed to do so this afternoon with the arrival of a thunderstorm. But

    it hasn't come yet, though temps have been moderating slightly through the day.

    I have been able to do some reading. Finished the July Asimov's before the ceiling collapse and am currently making my way through the July/August Analog. Seems like slow going; I don't know why. I'm

    particularly eager to get to the conclusion of Ed Lerner's serial.

    I've also been blowing through a series from Audible by R.A. Salvatore, lightweight reading to be sure, but it seems to be just about all I can handle at the moment. Salvatore strikes me as a mediocre writer with flashes of brilliance and profundity. And he certainly is successful! So who am I to gripe about the quality of

    his talent? He has written a lot of books.

  5. T-storm has arrived. Let's hope it cools things off!

    1. Last night's thunderstorm here dropped highs from mid-90s to mid-80s. With a nice breeze,l perfect weather for the parade.

      Saw some lightning a while ago, but looks like tonight's storm may have passed us by.

  6. OK, here's the parade description.
    Apparently some fairly intense excitement last night. After the tables and tents had been set up for the entertainment and sponsor booths we always have at the end of the parade, a thunderstorm blew in. The tents, even though heavily anchored, went flying. But everything was back in place when I arrived at 10 in the morning.

    As far as I could tell, the parade itself went very well. I didn't get to see it because I was supposed to be selling T-shirts at the parade end, but people arriving seemed enthusiastic and energized. Had a couple of bands, which is always good. But the T-shirts were the one glitch. For some reason they all were dropped off at the parade's starting point rather than being split half-and-half. So the booth at the end of the parade wasn't able to open until after the parade was over. We missed the best time for selling them: as people arrived at the site. The result was that we only sold about 2/3 as many as expected -- roughly a $400 shortfall.

    And as treasurer, I am very concerned about our finances. I haven't yet seen our two biggest bills. I hope the numbers I heard from the guy who handles them were exaggerations. Otherwise I don't know where the money is coming from.

    1. Oh, that's an unfortunate glitch. It's pretty difficult to get from the start of a parade to the end when streets may be closed. Here's hoping the money works out.