Monday, July 01, 2013

Need any Dean Buttons?

This gentleman was selling Dean buttons! He gave me permission to mention his info online so that anyone who'd like some buttons can get some.  Here you go:
Stephen Amos                                                                                                             Political Pinbacks
                                                   pinbacksvt at hotmail dot com
Apparently Stephen deals in all sorts of political paraphernalia from buttons to posters and books, and more. He is also a very active Democrat in his area of Vermont!


  1. Howard's the strawberries on the cheesecake! woot!

    Early start this morning. One of the campers came through downstairs at five to use the potty, woke the puppy, who woke me with weeping, I came down to let him out, he was barking, woke Scott who came in. I finally went back to bed at six, Scott let him out later, at nine everyone downstairs woke me, I gave up and came down. Whew!

    I seem to have lost my capacity for chaos, lol!

  2. Tornado today in East Windsor, CT and serious damage (50 trees down and 30 cars clobbered) from 80mph wind in Agawam, MA [no injuries!], and a funnel cloud in Danvers, MA. worries about climate change, eh? :-o

    And how about this photo from Saturday afternoon? It shows a lightning strike over Lake Champlain! Go to this link and scroll down to the Vermont section and click on "Picture: Amazing lightning strike photo on Facebook"

    If you're on Facebook go to Mike Reilly Photography, as it's his cover photo!


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    1. Cat, how'd you fare in the wild weather on Monday?