Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Getting tired of Dean photos yet?


  1. I'm not sure; we might do well to try a few more to clarify matters...

    Howard is a little grayer (aren't most of us?) and seems to have take off some weight; the campaign trail must be hell on waistlines--ordinary travel is bad enough, what with eating in restaurants so often.

    Speaking of which, my diet is going OK; down about thirty-five pounds from my maximum, seven to go.

    Cat--I look forward to the photos. I have never seen a chair lift before, but remember seeing them advertised regularly in magazines way back when. I could imagine going around corners being a little exciting until one becomes accustomed to, and confident in, the lift. The quality of life improvement I can believe without a moment's hesitation. These days I suppose they have a seat belt as well as some sort of failsafe protection against runaways, like an elevator would. If we knew the manufacturer, we could look it up on the Innertubes.



    P.S.: Navy travel office came through with travel arrangements for the week of July 15th. Best airline connections, but no indication of billet yet. During July my number one choice of hotel is probably going to be full of tourists and unwilling to rent rooms at the government rate, but now I know my for-sure second choice. (The former Army-Navy YMCA, built about 1920. It's a shame they made the transom windows inoperable.)

    1. "seems to have take(n) off..."


  2. Lots of photos of chair lifts at Google Images; cartoons too. Several different designs.


  3. Thanks, Alan!

    The worst part about the campaign trail was all the Krazy Kreme donuts they subsisted on. Good for you getting so close to your goal! Keep on keeping on! What has been the hardest part? The easiest?

    Okay, all!