Monday, March 11, 2013

Single and Double Snowflakes


  1. Dean! Dean again!!

    Notes on the last thread! :-)

  2. Good news! Snow's melting slower than expected, and they've cut the rain prediction in half. May not get major flooding, after all.

    1. Yayyy!! We've had a gentle Spring thaw, owing to the big melt off with some flooding back in February.

      I took that photo out front weekend before last. It's two snowflakes on black fake fur cloth . and it's a colour photo!

    2. I wondered how you did that.

  3. Welcome to the world and the family
    ♥ Penelope ♥
    daughter of nephew David and his wife Kim
    "due" May 15th, born March 10th!
    Mom and baby are rockstars and doing okay!
    Sooo happy!! XOXOXXX

    David & Kim were "due" three days before our Youngest and his wife!

    The baby shower was Saturday, but they couldn't fly from NC to NH for it, as planned, as the Mama-to-Be's blood pressure skyrocketed. Gestational Hypertension is a symptom of Pre-eclampsia (called Toxemia in the old days). Any of you who watched Season 3 of Downton Abbey know how that can end. We are sooo lucky!! Not much has changed in 100 years regarding pre-eclampsia, since not much can be done with drugs or procedures during pregnancy. At least we are able to take care of premies now!!

    PS: Her middle name is Lawrence, after her grandfather who died in November.

    1. They can do amazing things. I'm glad Mama and Baby are safe and doing well. Also Like Penelope, such a pretty name.

    2. Well, here's the news...

      I just spoke with Penelope's grammie, our SIL.
      Mama did indeed have pre-eclampsia
      See “HELLP”

      Mama’s blood pressure was 200+/120 and her condition was starting to deteriorate.
      She got ambulanced to the Medical Center 45 min away because it is a bigger deal hospital, thus safer.

      Penelope was born by c-section weighing 3 lbs, 1 oz

      She needs to do three things before she can leave the Neonatal ICU:
      +Needs to breathe on her own
      +Needs to be able to regulate temperature
      +Needs to eat

      There are three nursery levels. She’s at the highest. When she gets to the lowest she can move to the hospital 15 minutes from home.

      As of today! Penelope is off the ventilator and breathing on her own with oxygen mask.

      They have put in a line for feeding.

      So far, so good.


      Prayers cherished. ♡

    3. My eldest was born 8 weeks early at 4 lbs., 13 oz. That was over 40 years ago when things were vastly different with preemies. They are much more informed these days, to the benefit of the preemies. Prayers in the air.

    4. ♥ THANK-YOU, Susan. ♥

      I figure you know right where to target the prayers.

  4. Love the idear of Howard as the rose of our hearts. Also very much enjoyed the poem on the last thread.I'm so glad to find there's good news about Tanner!

    Thanks, everybody, for the good wishes. I hate being away, but sometimes I'm just not fit for human company.

    That's interesting and exciting, Alan, about finding your forebears.(sp?)

  5. Friday afternoon and evening I was in a bad way, sick headache and most unsettled stomach. So, I lay down on the couch.. Nickie Kitty came to cuddle and help me feel better, which was nice, except... She decided to lie down on my tummy. Since she weighs a good ten pounds, if not closer to fifteen, this kindly gesture didn't quite have the calming and comforting effect she intended. But it's the thought that counts, I suppose.

    1. Silly comfort kitty! Ours are both 10 pounds each, so I definitely hear you. Mizzen likes to rest *on* my hand *while* I am typing! Ha!

      So glad you're feeling a bit better!

  6. We had to submit short bios for the Charlotte's Web programs. Mine still ended up being a few words too long, in spite of MANY edits, but here's what I came up with:

    My acting experience has been pretty minimal until now. I was in some school plays back in the early 1980s, but never had more than two lines, playing roles like “First Dead Woman” in Our Town. When auditioning for Charlotte’s Web (one of my all-time favorite stories) I thought I had a decent chance at getting a bit part, but never dreamed I’d be cast as Charlotte. Truly a dream come true!

  7. Renee...change "decent" to "good" gets you two letters.

    If you need more, leave off "Truly" and capitalise "a".


    1. Thanks. The person I e-mailed it to will be editing these, and she may decide to leave it as is. It sounded like they mainly wanted to avoid hugely long bios, as there are a lot of characters, and they don't want the printing costs to be too high.

      Perkins is doing well. I've had to protect him from Winnie (the 13 year old golden mix), as she is the "alpha" canine in the house and pretty vigorously "tells him off" when he goes after one of the cats.

    2. Renee, I would cut the "pretty" of "pretty minimal" and cut "till now." But other than word restraint considerations, it sounds good!


    1. Didn't know about the Douglas Adams Google Doodle until just now. Now I'm welling up a bit.