Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ah, Rose

Remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour from when this blog posts!
It's that imposed time again: "Daylight Savings Time" until 3 November.


  1. So, it could be said that Howard is the rose of our hearts. . . .

    listener, for what it's worth, Tanner's transplant is not from his brothers, it IS however, a 10/10 match! It does look, too, like it's already beginning to engraft.

    Just for the record, lol!, I would have said *all* time is imposed time. . . . No reason at all that I can see for not going for permanent, year round, daylight saving. . . .

    1. And yes, the existence of time is something imposed by the universe. But this change in the clock settings is something imposed on us by other human beings. I'm sure it was because of the time change on a day when I had an early-afternoon book discussion that I didn't sleep well last night. And no opportunity for a nap. So I'm going to be heading for bed soon, well before my usual bedtime.

    2. 10/10!! Awesome!!!

      And engrafting is SUCH a loverly word!!

      Thanks sooo much for this update!
      Wish I could have looked sooner!

      News when I can ♡

  2. Carpe Diem

    All that is in us longs for light
    However cold the ground, the seed
    stirs with its coming

    Long before the devices
    sand or springs
    we knew, as the green things knew

    When it is time
    How juicy we get and strong
    impatient in the waiting

    To spring ahead
    and seize the day

    28 February 2009

  3. Hi guys!

    Haven't been feeling well physically or emotionally. But I hope to be back on my feet soon and able to return to the fold. I miss you guys♥

    1. We've missed you too.

      And NOW to bed.

    2. Miss you, too!! <3
      We could really use a little fresh conversation. ;-)
      Thanks for popping by!
      Take care! :-)

  4. I have been absent too; but this coming week should be more manageable. Good news about Tanner, puddle. And what Bill said, Cat!

    Here's hoping Perkins heals up well and isn't too freaked out about his bad luck.

    I worked at the hospital this weekend; got some Darkover short stories re-read; sun was up when I went to work and when I came home, which is very nice.

    On Thursday or Friday past I found my great-great grandfather and his family in the 1851 census, the very year they moved from Markham (NE of Toronto, where their parents settled in 1793, to McGillivray (NNW of London, Ontario). I also found a copy of a land record showing three different variants of the old man's name, but the copy isn't clear there, so I have a library researcher looking for a better copy. At that same library they have copies of birth, marriage, baptismal and death records of the oldest church in the area, from the 1760's to the early 20th Century. I will make an appointment to peruse them when I am there. All good fun, and rather mind boggling.

    Diet continues well…

    Better hit the sack soon. They DID interfere with my beauty sleep at the hospital last night, although not as much as sometimes.