Friday, February 15, 2013

Theatre Tonight!

 Mah*Sweetie and I have tickets to see The Heidi Chronicles at UVM tonight!


  1. Howard would be first this fine post-Valentine's Day.

    Last warm one for a few.

    Boy, am I tired of/from fighting blog/email spam. In 7 1/2 years, I have attracted 11,000 odd spam comments in my spam file. In the last three days, have deleted thousands that did not make it into the spam file. Today has been added email spam from the same peeps. In mostly the last two weeks they've mined/bombed baby back to the beginning.

    It's *amazing* how up close and very personal the malevolence feels, even though I know, intellectually, it's just a machine/system. And wonder about whole multi billion dollar industries based on absolutely nothing but destroying others' work. . . .

    1. Fie and Phooey on the likes of spammers!

      Lauds and Loves to good honest folks and their blogs!