Saturday, February 16, 2013



  1. And on this bright snowy Saturn's Day, Howard remains the leader of the parade.

  2. Sorry to hear about baby, puddle. We had a new type of spam get through Earthlink's filters the other day, but interestingly it didn't make it past the malware protections on our Mac. [Anyone thinking of Mac security, Intego has worked very well for us.]

    Off to visit Naomi just after noon; photo of tulip tree sent to listener (hope it's not too big; if so I can edit it Sunday evening. Have to get out and spray peaches for peach leaf curl---Oh yes! I need to pack my bag for the trip. That won't take much because I have it mostly packed all the time for Job No. 2.

    I can't remember if I mentioned it here, but snooping around on the Internet (thanks, Mr. Gore!) I found the cemetery near Toronto where most of my relatives thereabouts were buried in the early and mid 19th century, except for the branch of the family (leading to little old me) that moved out west near London, Ontario. (I located that cemetery a while back.) Looks like at least a dozen, maybe twenty of my great-great-grandfather's siblings, their spouses and children. I ordered up a transcription (albeit incomplete) of gravestones throughout the township, and there is still a chance I might locate the grave of my great-great-great-grandfather, one of a group of German colonists who settled the area in the late 18th century, when it was an unmapped, roadless wilderness and all manufactured goods had to be imported from New York. Fun!


  3. Fruit trees sprayed with new (to me) sulphur spray, Bonide brand "Orchard Spray." Contains elemental sulphur and pyrethins (= refined marigold extract). Doesn't have the potent smell of the old lime sulphur spray that we can't buy anymore, and also unlike lime sulphur it can't be combined with an oil spray (have to wait three weeks in between). But it seems pretty innocuous, and should do the job. I prefer to avoid spraying fruit trees with modern synthetic fungicides and pesticides.



  4. Thanks for the sympathy, Alan. It's turning out to be coupled with unexpected blessings: I'm having to read every entry from the beginning. And there's some lovely stuff there. Memories.

    This was a pretty serious attack: random, but thorough. . . Of the *hit* entries, some only have one spam; but some have up to thirty two. I'd say because of the four multiples that no opposable thumbs are involved, lol!

    I have 44 pages of a hundred posts per page. Working backwards from 44, after two fairly solid days, I am on page 41--going to be a long term project. . . .